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1995 PS190 Overheating Problem

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  • 1995 PS190 Overheating Problem

    Little history on the boat. It's got a 310HP Corvette Engine, which was rebuilt about 5 years ago due to a crack in the engine block, after the new block was put in, this problem began.

    For the last 4 years or so my boat temp shoots up to about 210 after a cold start for about 5-10 mins, then floats down to a normal 120ish temp. If I rev up the motor right away after I put it in the temp goes down sooner than just letting it idle.

    The boat isn't pumping water right away, this was confirmed when putting it away for winter, when hooking it up to water, very little water was coming out of the exhaust. The impeller is in good shape...any other suggestions? Water pump?

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    Follow the water inlet and check each part and hose before and after the impeller for partial blockage or something stuck on the screen.

    Overheating could be thermostat?

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      Take a look at this thread. May give you some ideas if you don't have crud in the cooling system.

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