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  • Billet tower legs

    I have an 06 X2 I would like to upgrade the tower legs to the billet ones that say Mastercraft. Does anyone know can I buy just the legs or do I need the whole tower? Can I use my swivel board racks. I saw the billet legs for sale on the web site $969 each.

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    Bad news, you'll need to buy the whole tower. When MC changed to the billet rear legs they also switched the front legs, connection style, foot pads and all as they went to a new manf.

    The good news is you could get the new tower custom matched to your boat from MC by Design. The install is going to involve drilling some new holes at a minimum and some fiberglass/gel work at the maximum (not sure if the new feet cover the old holes) but it can be done.
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      While they look nice, the billet lower legs likely contributes to the lateral sway that occurs in newer MC towers. The tower on my 05 X2, with tubular lower legs, had almost no sway. But without the additional braces, the billet tower on my 08 X-star has noticeable lateral sway.

      Just my two cents.
      2008 X star, 2005 X2


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        Cool thanks guys.