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  • LED Light Install

    OK – My spring project is to install some LED bling to the interior of my X2. I ordered some blue LED’s from super bright led. 4 pod clusters to replace the current courtesy lights, 2 sets of 3 pod down lights for over the cup holders fore & aft and one 3 pod for under the dash. I have a couple of questions for those who have done this.

    1 – How is the current courtesy light mounted – Seems to be glued or double stick tape. I would like to remove without damaging the light or gel coat.

    2- For the ones in the bow over the cup holders, due to the wire comes out of the top of the pod, I am thinking of mounting just under the armrest skin. If I reach around the back, it feels like there are 3 bolts that hold the skin on, anything else I should be aware of? I need the wires to run up under the skin, so it will have to be removed.

    Any insight from those that have done this would be great, probably ’07 and up, I have a ’09.

    I will post picks of the completed install!

    Thanks Guys,


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    Could you post pics of your courtesy lights. I have a 2001 xstar. If they are the same, it took me a while to figure those out too. But the cover pops off. I think on the bottom of mine there was a small cut-out so to speak. I took a small flat head and popped it off. This then exposes the screws to unscrew the housing. But like I said. Pictures would help or I am sure there are more people on here who know more than me.


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      This is not my interior but shows the light, same Fore & Aft. Sounds like what you descibe, a chrome housing over the light. On the left is the skin I need to remove, plan is to mount the down light next to the tweeter.
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        I left my courtesy lights alone, and changed the switch to toggle LED's or stock. (up LED, down stock lighting, center off). There is a three light led above the stock location that reflects down onto the chrome.

        The fan led boxes can be taken apart, and the wire re-routed. I followed what skeeler had done, and when I changed all mine from red to blue, I just drilled a little hole in the back of the LED housing to re-route. The old hole in the housing is too small to really see.
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          The rearmost courtesy light:
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            And in the dark:
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