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12 Volt Air Compressor??

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  • 12 Volt Air Compressor??

    I am tired of the low-end air compressors that take 20 minutes to inflate a tire (especially the Mickey Thompson big tires on my F250). Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

    P.S. I would prefer to pick one up locally (i.e Autozone, O'Reily, etc.) as opposed to ordering over the internet.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    These guys put out some air! Gettin me one soon and mounting under my truck...

    You can even have one mounted under your truck and a 60' hose to reach the boat...

    Here are a few portables...
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      Check out these:

      They are apparently a lot better than what the pricing would lead you to believe. A lot of guys are installing two of these rather than a $3-400 viair or other "brand name" compressor.

      This is one of many threads on ih8mud, a Land Cruiser forum I frequent about these little compressors-
      I need a new portable 12V compressor and looking at some options. Anyone had one that has held up well or got one recently they are happy with? I am looking for something that can handle airing back up 35's without too much trouble and other regular use. This one has got a lot of compliments...

      Still won't touch the belt-driven air comp I've got in my Land Cruiser . But that takes a lot of work to install, and isn't an option for every vehicle.
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        don't expect any miracles from any of these. they are all just a motor and a piston, there is only so much air they can move, and air flow at 0psi is a lot different than air flow at 30psi or more. those viair work well because of the big holding tank to make up for the low duty cycle of the compressor.


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          Appreciate the replies. I saw the VIAIR system on a buddy's truck and while it is slicker than owl crap, the $400 price tag is a bit much for the few times I need to pump up a tire. I will read up on the others and try one out. Also found the following while searching the net yesterday (lots of good reviews):

          Thanks again!