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    I found a very rough boat that I think would be a great project for me and my two teenage sons. It was last registered in 2002 and it appears to have been practically full of water for several years. The drain was plugged with leaves so I was able to drain the hull but the engine had been under water up to the head. Matter of fact, somone had removed the spark plugs and water was in the back two cylinders! Anyway, went back and climbed into the now dry boat and the floor seems solid. The hull number is MBCSAEBOB585. Is this an all fiberglass / aluminum boat? Do the last two digits refer to 1985? The upholstry is toast. Most of it has . Only small amounts of foam left in a few places. I'm sure everything is totaled (steering, throttle, gauges, gearbox, engine, etc.). The windshield looks good. If the hull is still good, is it worth rebuilding? The bottom looks good and I love this model boat. Any idea how hard it is to get parts? How expensive, etc? Can the fuel tank be replaced? Thanks for the help!
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    Wow! how much free time do you have!?!

    It is an 1985.


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      Lots of info here on re-builds, and lots of guys in the process currently, so you can get all the info you need on this site. as stated, it is an '85 so yes, it is all fiberglass (no wood stringers). Post up some more pics if you have 'em, we really like pictures.

      In my opionion, all S&S boats are worth rebuilding, if you have the time, money, and know-how.
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        Ouch, it still amazes me how many people with let their boats get into this condition. If you don't use it and it just sits get rid of it to someone who will take care of it.

        I think footer asked the perfect much time do you have?? if you have plenty of time and skills both in fiberglass repair and mechanical you should be good to go.
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          Everything is available to put that back together if you choose. Replacing the engine and trans. will be a few bucks. Its a reverse rotation engine so they aren't as simple as throwing an automotive engine in.

          I would think you can get your hands on this pretty cheap. Plan on replacing trailer springs too. After sitting so long with that much water weight they are sure to be shot.

          Sounds like a fun project. Would like to see more pictures.

          At least its clean water in the boat.


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            It is definitely a good project. I would definitely get the engine and tranny looked at and priced out before you start to make sure it's worth it to you. If so, I will say that every drop of work I have put into mine has been worth it... with a few of you it should go pretty quick. Good luck! Post some more pics..
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              Originally posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
              Its a reverse rotation engine so they aren't as simple as throwing an automotive engine in.
              Are you sure about this...I thought nautiques were the only ones that used reverse rotation engines. I used to have an 85 S&S and I'm pretty sure it was a left hand rotation, although still can't just drop an auto engine in.

              Anyway, like I said I had an 85 S&S, it is a great boat and very easy to work on...should be a great project!
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                Everthing to make that motor run is still available

                If ya need anything let us know


                Rebuild that TRANNY ASAP along with turning the motor over and getting an OIL CHANGE ASAP
                Replace the impeller

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                  Post a picture of the outside of the boat.

                  I would figure the price of a short block. The starter will need replaced and the transmission will need to be rebuilt as well. That era of boats had a history of getting water trapped in the floor foam. It is a pretty good bet water is trapped in that one. There are some threads on here describing the repair of the floor.


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                    It'll be a great project. I have an '85 myself that I'm slowly restoring. AmericanskierJim is in the process of finishing up his resto. meadracing is in the middle of his. That boat is well worth restoring. We definately need more pics to help you out. What color is it and where in the south are you? I'm in Murfreesboro TN. Welcome to the board!
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                      Regarding the gas tank question... I have tried to replace my plastic one for years and have been unsuccessful and since it's plastic none of the radiator shops will touch it. Mine is really bad off, I have varnish in mine. I have it out to a guy right now that does concrete cleaning. He's either going to finally get it clean for me or destroy it trying. I've been quoted upwards of $500 to have a replacement made.
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                        Well one thing is for sure, you must not have any hull or exhaust leaks!
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                          Originally posted by jakethebt View Post
                          Well one thing is for sure, you must not have any hull or exhaust leaks!
                          Yep, very little oil at all in that water....Leads me to believe that motor and trans may be savable.


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                            Originally posted by oldbluetruck View Post
                            I'm sure everything is totaled (steering, throttle, gauges, gearbox, engine, etc.).
                            After draining the water from the boat, drain the oil from the motor. If there is gallons of water in the oil then you can bet it will need to be rebuilt. If there is less than a cup full of water you might be ok and you could get away with cleaning up the heads and valves and possibly sleeving a cylinder if the rust pits are to deep.
                            As far as the trany/gearbox same thing it is a sealed unit if there is a little water in it you may be ok, but if it is a lot chances are a rebuild is in your future.
                            I to started with a severely neglected waterlogged boat. Mine was underwater up to the heads and the tranny was completely underwater for a long time.
                            My motor was seized and after spraying PB Blaster in the spark plug holes and letting is soak it loosened up. Oil change, converted distributor, new starter, and some good gas and she fired right up. I let it run and the lifters pumped right up and after a couple of times of getting it close to overheating the rings all seated.
                            I rebuilt the carb and changed the tranny fluid to get approx a 1/2 cup of water out 4 times after short operation of 5 min or less in gear and now I got a very strong running boat and tranny.
                            For how long? Who knows, but I only replaced a few minor things and didn't have to have anything rebuilt other than the carb.
                            It may not be as bad as you think.
                            PM me if I can help you
                            Good luck


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                              I had the same EXACT problem with my 86 S&S... Varnish in the tank.....

                              I used 2 gallons of "Goof Off" for plastics that I purchased from Home Depot.....

                              I removed the tank from the boat and emptied it.... I removed the fuel sending unit assembly....

                              I filled the tank with the 2 gallons of Goof Off and let it sit for a full week (rotating the tank occasionally so the chemical could reach all the varnished parts of the tank).

                              I then took the tank to a car wash with a high pressure sprayer where I used appx. $20.00 in quarters and subjected the interior of the tank to repeated high pressure sprayings.....

                              The tank came out looking brand new.....

                              Ted W

                              Hook Em' Horns