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2002 X30: Ballast pumps not working

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  • 2002 X30: Ballast pumps not working

    After getting my boat out of winter storage and some repair/maintenance work (they replaced the fuel sender, added a new audio amp and more speakers to the tower)... my ballast pumps don't turn on at all.

    When I flip the switches, the light comes on for each switch... but no sound or action from the pumps. I've pressed the little fuse/circuit breaker buttons near each switch... doesn't help. I've looked behind the dash/instrument panel for a separate bank of fuses... but didn't find one.

    It definitely seems like there's no power getting to the pumps... they don't seem to be switching on.

    Any ideas? Is there a separate fusebox hiding somewhere that I haven't found yet?


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    Did you ever figure this out? I am having the exact same problem. My KGB ballast was working sporadically and then just quit. The next time out the two other ballasts pumps quit responding at all. The second two went out simultaneously. It is really strange.