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Another Ballast Problem....

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  • Another Ballast Problem....

    My port ballast pump will not operate on '07 CSX. The other two tanks are working fine. There are no lights on the switch in either direction. I switched the harness with the starboard side and the pump is working fine. I jumped the breaker and still no luck. At this point i'm not sure what else it could be. Maybe the switch, but I think that is unlikely. Could it be the M/C ballast timing switch? Or maybe there is another fuse/breaker I'm unaware of? Also, does anyone know if shorting out the tank sending unit cause this? I'm going to check all of these things out, but if anyone has any tips, they would be appreciated.

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    What do you mean, you jumped the breaker? At the ballast breaker box?


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      We've seen some AI modules go bad, which will present with the same symptoms you're explaining. Unfortunately there's no easy to way to test that, since the connection isn't made through a plug, which means you have to cut and crimp everything just to see if that's the problem.


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        Yes. I jumped the breaker with a wire. I've had breakers go bad a few times and its easy to check. I checked the switch last night and its not the problem. My sending units are not even hooked up because I don't have fill gauges. Unfortunately that leaves the AI module. I'm going to bypass it tonight and see if that is the issue.

        Anyone know what it takes to add fill gauges?


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          Adding the gauges is pretty easy, all you need is the hardware itself, and some additional wiring to run from the sender to the gauge. It the exact same setup as a fuel tank sender (identical down to everything but the face on the gauge), so if that's familiar to you it should be easy to duplicate.


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            It was the timing switch. Got some water in it and it shorted. Thanks for the info on the ballast gauges.


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              Glad you were able to get the problem solved.