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X-45 Gauges Don't Work

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  • X-45 Gauges Don't Work

    I have a 2005 X-45. It starts fine and the lcd gauges work, but the fuel, oil, tach, speed, temp, volts gauges do not. When you turn the key the gauge needles vibrate while the system powers up but then nothing. I took it to the Mastercraft dealer. They had the boat for 3 weeks and could not figure out what was wrong. They tested the control unit at the engine and said it was sending out the correct signals. They swapped out the control unit at the dash and the gauges still did not work. They concluded that there must be a short in the wiring somewhere and the wiring harness needs to be replaced. The wiring harness is $1200 and takes 8 weeks to get it. I bought two new batteries today and installed them, but that did not help either. Does anyone have any suggestions other that missing out on the entire summer and spending $1200? I did read the other threads on gauge problems but most of them talked about a bad MDC but the dealer test that. Thanks for the help.
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    My x-45 does the same exact thing. Sometimes it starts working again after warming up for a while but it seems totally unpredictable. I've got an appt with mastercraft az later this month, hopefully they can find the fix. Let me know if you find your solution