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    Quick question on the surf tabs. If all tabs are down does it soften up the wake for skiing? A friend of mine has oversized trim tabs on his IO runabout and it makes his wake very soft and they like it better than a recent Malibu LXI that he picked up last month. However the boat drives horrible with the tabs down.

    I can handle a funny handling boat if it helps the slalom wake.



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      Does anyone have a picture of an "epic" surf wake behind the X-15? My friend has an 06 X-15 and has tried every combination of weight known to man to get a stellar surf wake and has only ended up with decent. Any pictures of these excellent surf wakes and ballast/people configurations would be greatly appreciated!!


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        Anyone looking for a deal
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          is the overall length of the X-15 with swing away tounge really only 22' 8"?

          i always thought it was much more than that. all the pictures i see, it looks like the break point is further out than the tip of the bow. just curious because i really like the X-15's. maybe a possibility for me down the road if it will fit in the garage.
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            I had the fibergalss deck on my 2007 X2 and it KILLED the surf wake. They also can absorb water. Weighs 2wice as much as teak. They get banged up real easy. The rubber is coming off the mat and the black stuff tracks all over the boat. Not to mention I cannot even give the thing away. TEAK is the ONLY way to go if you USE your boat. Plus it is cheaper. Ever seen a teak deck with scratches, chips or dents???