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How long Have you had your boat?

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  • How long Have you had your boat?

    I was just reading a thread which has me wondering what the average lifespan of a boat is with its owner.

    So the question is, what year is your boat and how long have you owned it? What modifications have you made?

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    I have owned my boat since 04. The only modifications I have made, so far, are small upgraded stereo (4 speakers and HD Radio/iPod Receiver), Relocated battery to under OB seat from back beside the fuel tank, Custom bimini, Custom dash light to work in junction with warning buzzer and a OJ CNC 4 blade prop.

    EDIT: I remembered more modifications I made.
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      Bought my 1989 PS 190 in 1997 with my sister. Mods so far: 4 blade prop, removable platform brackets, Perfect Pass, hot water shower, Boat Buddy and LED taillights to the trailer, and recently upgraded to GT40 heads due to overheating and blowing my headgasket. Pretty big increase in HP, resulting in much better holding power while skiing & footing, and several more mph at the top end.
      1989 ProStar 190 with "Safe T Top", 351 Ford, GT 40 heads painted Ford Blue, Elec. Ign, 1:1, 970 hours, 4 blade prop, PP 6.5, removable platform brackets, custom color from factory, hot water shower, Boat Buddy & LED lights on trailer (boat is sold, but not forgotten!)
      Currently have a '99 Response LX, but kinda miss the MC!
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        First MC was a 1982 Stars and Stripes. Bought it used in 1983 (8 yrs). Traded it for a new 1991 ProStar190. (11 yrs)
        Traded the 1991 for a new 2002 ProStar 197. (My present boat—9 yrs)
        My first two boats required only routine maintenance and:
        1991 replaced Upholstery for pink spots---warranty.

        2002 ProStar 197: replaced the MMDC in 2009, trailer axle in 2010 and the fuel pump this summer.
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          I've owned my '83 for 4 years now.

          I put on a new prop and stereo. Aside from that, it's been routine maintenance. I'll keep this until I'm able to replace it with a 214/x14.
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            I have a 2000 Mari-Star 210VRS, bought it when I came home for mid-tour leave from iraq a little over a year ago, mods so far-none, but i have been doing alot of "tooling" to get to know the boat alot better, right now i am in the middle of doing my own winterization so i can put it away until i get moved to california early next year.


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              We have had our 14 for two years, we had our 190 for three years before that but had to upgrade because of a growing family. We still have our '89 SN that we bought new back at the family lake house. No mods for that one other than a Bimini. Just 23 years of oil changes and regular maintainence.
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                1991 Prostar 190, 408 hours. It is my first boat and I have only owned it for 5 months. I have done nothing so far, except clean up the battery terminals. Hope to keep it for years to come.


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                  I bought my boat on May 18, 1997 - the day I graduated from college. Just winterized it after our 15th summer. Until 2008, the dealer performed all maintenance. Since then I have performed all maintenance and made all improvements. I wish I had the courage/knowledge to do so from the beginning.

                  2000 - bilge pump & starter
                  2003 - replaced both exhaust manifolds (waited too long to winterize)
                  2005 - ignition
                  2006 - new rubrail
                  2007 - prop recondition; new stereo; speakers; amp
                  2009 - blower; repair seams for front backrest; perfect pass stargazer; auxiliary batter/isolator; re-upholster front seat cushions & observer seat; new gas shocks
                  2010 - New carpet; heated seats; shower; sending unit
                  2011 - full trailer restoration (


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                    I bought my 1994 Pro Star 205 in July of 2001. That makes her a 17 year old boat that I have owned for 10 years, and with the current market on things, and kids who want to go to college soon, I have no plans to upgrade (even though I tend to look).

                    Modifications I have made are:
                    • Updated the trailer with guide poles, black paint, new rims, a V-Nose pad and drive in V-pad with a winch. Also a new axle and springs but that was needed.
                    • Added the Monster Tower with racks, a mirror and now speakers.
                    • Added Depth Finder
                    • Added new Bimini.
                    • Updated the stereo and added front bow speakers, tower speakers, sub-woofer, tweeters and two amps.
                    • Upgrade to a 4-balde prop
                    • Added a second battery and isolator
                    • Added blue neon to the storage areas along the sides.
                    • Added Perfect Pass.
                    • Added a new ski platform. (original was too thin from sanding)

                    The rest was regular maintenance items.

                    Future Plans:
                    • LED Speaker Rings
                    • Really considered Chrome Exhaust Tips.....
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                      I bought my boat new, the summer of 1990. It has had relativley few issues,

                      Ignition coil went bad, that was tough to diagnose.
                      A few dinged props
                      Re-covered the driver an observer seat cushions
                      New stereo system
                      Installed heater and shower last year

                      It still looks and runs great, I think the key to longevity is "garage living" and routine maintenance.


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                        1994 Prostar 205 DD - Bought in 2003 w/ 700 hours, now it has 1700 hours.

                        2006 mastercraft x1 bought mid 2011 with 800 hours, now has 1200hours.
                        600lbs of lead in nose
                        2x 750lbs fat sacs in rear
                        4 blade 14.25x14 prop
                        Aluminum dash insterts
                        Aluminum throttle inserts
                        Led speaker rings for all 4 + sub
                        Underwater light
                        New interior on most seats / sundeck
                        Wetsounds syn6 1000w amp
                        Wetsounds pro 485 tower speakers
                        Jl m2150 amp for Jl 10" sub
                        Cadence a7hc 1336w/rms amp
                        RE Audio SX sub
                        2nd battery + isolator

                        Thats all i can rememebr now...


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                          14 years. I put a heater in it and a depth finder......and gas.
                          2003 ProStar 197, MCX and Powerslot.

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                            15 years. 96' 190 bought new in 97' new motor a couple of years ago, closed cooling, Perfect Pass back in the day, all the PP software upgrades. Many wear and tear parts replaced over the years more than once!


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                              06 X9 to present date- Rutine maintenance, regular cleaning to keep the appearance, replaced 1 steering cable so far-knock on fiberglass- Plenty of Stereo mods- 4 Batteries, Wet sounds, Sub- will be working on new sub enclosure this winter, 3- amps- Replaced 3 seat skins
                              Mike D.
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