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  • Speakers/Amps

    I know very little about stereos so looking for some advice. Have 2 factory tower speakers. Really can't hear them very well while wakeboarding. In my previous boat I had 2 wetsounds pro 80's on a syn 2 amp and they were great. I have read some people think the factory amp doesn't provide enough power for the speakers. So do I just need a new amp or amp and speakers? Are the REV 8's the same as the pro 80's but smaller? Don't want to get rid of the factory speakers since they have the lights in them and I like the looks. Can the speaker itself be replaced? Would also like to add an equalizer. Here's a pic of the amp I have.

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    I spent almost an hour on the phone with the wetsounds guys last week spec'ing out a system. I'd give them, or somebody that does this for a living a call. Costs you nothing, and saves you in the long run from buying stuff you don't need. I was suprised they recommended me not to buy some stuff that I thought I needed in an effort to keep the price down. Also for any active duty guys out there wetsounds is offering 25% discount.


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      You can do it this way....

      I can't tell what jl amps those are or their power rating. Since you like your cans n lights and liked your old pro 80's you can swap the guts of your tower speakers to Bullet Neo 8inch speakers. They are a direct drop in for the MC cans are sound nearly identical to the pro 80's as they were developed with the same ideas in mind. Bullet Hollowpoint and Neo speakers are very highly regarded and are a top notch company. You then can power them with Syn 2 like before inside the mc cans and keep the boat looking factory. Again you may be able to use you JL but I would need the specs.

      Now on to your second question. The Rev 8 has a completely different sound than the pro 80's. They are arguably the best sounding speaker to produce rope length sound to the rider and have a great near field sound while partying close up. The pods for the Rev 8 speakers are the size of the old Pro 60's. And the pods for the rev 10's are the size of the old Pro 80's. If you were going to just run 2 rev 8's or rev10's Wetsounds high recommends a Syn 4 for both as the rev's handle the extra power nicely. I own the rev 8's and almost wish I had the 10's as I didn't realize te 10's had the same size pods as the 80's at my time of order.

      Your stock JL tower speakers just can't compete to project sound to the rider for wakeboarding no matter how much power you throw at them. However they are a great surf speaker and a near field chilling/swimming speaker.

      If it were me. Add a light bar and replace what you have with the Rev 10's. Once you hear the rev series vs the old pro 80's it's a clear decision. However I you want to keep it factory the Bullet Neo speaker is the way to go
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        I'd just add 2 more speakers and another 200/2 like you got. Will be twice as loud as only 2 speakers. No need for more lighted pods so you can keep cost down A lot of people on here promote wetsounds becasue they are loud with 2 speakers and etc etc. I just prefer to hear music and not obnoxious headache quiality. I find JL the clearest and memphis the loudest for the tower. 2 horns and 2 speakers from Memphis and you'll have locals calling the cops on you. 4 JL's will make you happy.
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