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Stern Drive (I/O) to Inboard/V-drive

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  • Stern Drive (I/O) to Inboard/V-drive

    It seems like more and more stern drive runabout people are moving to towboats.....Sound off if you moved from a stern drive to an IB/VD.. With the year...for me the second time was:

    2010 to a V-Drive...will never look back....

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    Ditto for me. I had an '07 I/O that we bought new in February of that year. It was my first boat and we had no idea what we were doing on the water. I was a true Wally and I can admit it! I drooled every time I saw one of those fancy Mastercrafts on the lake. I visited my local dealer all the time just to paw over the too-expensive-for-me new boats in their showroom. In August of '10, the dealer called me and had my current X2 on their lot for sale as a consignment boat. I somehow sold my I/O in less than a week and have been a happy MC owner since!
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      Got rid of my I/O in the fall, over the years I had spent more and more time on friends and familys inboards. Started using mine a lot less and sucked it up and put a deposit down on a 2013 X10 which I am happily picking up Saturday morning!


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        I was fortunate enough to have friends with towboats who properly introduced me to boating. So I skipped the I/O phase and went straight to the real deal.


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          I had an 89 Monterey I/O back in college. After selling it I missed boating... was looking around on craigslist one day and found a deal on the S&S I have now. I love the power, the handling, and the looks of a towboat. Never again will I have an I/O unless I have a need for one in addition to a towboat. The only complaint about my S&S is size and you can't take it in rough water without a broken lower back.


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            I had a '91 VIP that I bought in '93. Had it until last March when I sold it to buy my Prostar205v.


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              My dad owned an IO and the boat worked okay for us when I was a kid. I always wanted him to get an inboard but he blamed it on poor gas mileage. When you are talking about an IO vs inboard, the difference in gas mileage was not that great, but I never argued since he was paying. I had a couple of Sea Doo jet boats before the MC, which were fun and I would still like to have one as a fun boat. I love having an inboard boat.


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                Fortunately the more intelligent people tend to evolve over time


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                  Drug an old '82 Galaxy to the Lyman boat factory in Sandusky one weekend and put a new carpet and floor in it cause ours was "flexing" (did not know much back then, did not even think of stringers). Had an '8? Cheetah, then '89 Regal 210 (350 mag alpha one) that we bought at Skipco Auction around the mid nineties. It went back to the auction on the early 2000's. Kids drug us back into boating after at least 10 years away from it. Back in the seventies, guy named Jerry at Lake Mowhawk had an inboard boat that I always thought was cool, I had to have one......
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                  1988 prostar 190 SOLD
                  2001 Prostar 209 SOLD


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                    Bought a new '89 Sea Ray 20' bow rider. Had a fantastic number of years on that boat, learning all about boating, skiing, trying to wakeboard (but didn't care cause loved skiing) and yes tubing. I can't tell you the amount of fun that was had by friends and family on that lake all around the Dallas area.

                    We mostly went to Lewisville Lake (on the Lake Dallas side - LONG before party cove existed) and mostly had the water to ourselves. But is was nothing for us to haul to Oklahoma to Texoma, Arbuckle or Murray. Or head west to Possum Kingdom or east to Cedar Creek. We camped, rented cabins, slept in the truck, etc.

                    But.... eventually no matter how much you take care of your boat and how much you enjoy it.... sometimes those darn boat show tickets can kick you in the butt. And once you start noticing something you REALLY like (could be a car, could be a boat, could be a darn travel trailer).... it don't matter. Once you have your eye set on them.... you see them EVERYWHERE. And of course you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them even more. So as we kept seeing MasterCrafts and falling in love with the.... well you can see where this is headed.

                    So after such admiring we sold our beloved '89 Sea Ray (pic attached taken in July '09 to show how much love she was given) and we were so very excited to move to an '08 MasterCraft X30.

                    Of course we were such picky butts that we looked and looked to find the one we loved and were willing to drive to go get said boat. We looked hard locally, but at that time the X30 was not a very popular boat and we were particular about colors inside and out.

                    So in June '09 we we drove from Dallas up to a dealership east of St. Louis to pick up our current boat. We have loved it ever since and have had a terrific time. (pic attached taken a couple of weeks ago to show how much love she is given).

                    As a reminder... the economy went to H*** in '08-10ish and MasterCraft (like all other manufactures) did not produce many boats. And in fact we thought MC was just moving away from the X30.

                    So last summer when doing some research on best way to weight our boat for surfing. Darned if we didn't start to understand the new direction for the X30.... new look, new hull, new features, etc.

                    Well, history has a way of repeating itself, and this fall we AGAIN... bought tickets to the boat show. So, soon we will be moving to a new '13 X30.

                    We love boating and we love our vdrive boats !!!

                    ALL that said... we still hate that reverse S***S!

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ID:	2320081 -- '89 Sea Ray (pics from July '09)

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ID:	2320083 -- '08 MasterCraft X30 (pics from April '13) -- boat currently for SALE


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                      The last I/O was a tri-hull Bonanza, basically a Cobalt knockoff, with 140 hp 4 cylinder Chevy engine, that was the summer of 1996. Spring of 1997, came the 1980 Stars and Stripes 19 Skier. Never going back, ever...


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                        our i/o experience left us a little sour. it wasn't the outdrive part so much, but we had the carb'd 3.0 "iron maiden" that never wanted to start. it was in a pontoon and basically buried in a hole in the deck. it was a real pain to work on and we ended up having to have some work done which meant the outdrive (alpha one) had to be pulled and of course that increased the cost 2nd to labor and replacing all the seals. when we started looking for a towboat, it was going to be our 2nd boat, so focusing on inboards was easy. having said that, i've got friends on our lake with a sea ray and a cobalt. they are both nice boats. i just never ask for a pull.


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                          We have gone from a Starcraft to an '87 Sea Ray to a 2000 Mastercraft
                          All of them have provided great memories. Some are just more expensive than others.

                          Starcraft- Least expensive fun on the water. I was practically a chemist as i mixed the oil and gas.

                          Sea Ray- Solid boat and runner. Did everything quite well. Bought her low, sold her high.

                          Mastercraft- comfort, power, quality, not to mention EFI.
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                            I'm about to trade my MC and go back to the 81 Sea Ray


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                              I ran the gamut when it comes to boats/drives

                              16 ft runabout (don't remember the brand) 125hp Merc outboard
                              18ft Challenger jet boat, 454 big block berkely jet drive (very fun boat to scream around in)
                              19ft Ski Eliminator direct drive (looked like a Supreme) 350 merc carbureted, 1:1 drive
                              19ft '94 Prostar 190 LT-1 Powerslot (boat belongs to "Craig" now)

                              Here's when things went wrong:

                              23 ft. Falcon cuddy, 350 merc Bravo III. Bought it for cruising up and down the river to take my son to Dave & Busters while he was young. We took a break from watersports.
                              30 ft Formula 303SR-1 with twin 502's and Bravo 1 drives.....lots of fun, lots of fuel but gas was $2/gal so it didn't matter then. We would take long rides on the Chesapeake visiting Annapolis and Baltimore Inner Harbor from Chestertown. No regrets, we had fun.

                              Back into watersports:
                              '03 Mastercraft 230VRS for wakeboarding
                              '05 Mastercraft X-star for boarding and '93 Prostar Limited for skiing/footin that I will keep forever!
                              I was njskier on here.