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    Seldom does a thread get closed or deleted on here.


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      Nope closed and deleted. It's on the page now. I commenting about the bad customer service I have gotten and boom it's closed. Just trying to get help from everyone here but doesn't seem to be working much. My other thread talked about the issues I'm having and it's completely deleted.


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        Have you tried pm to a mod?


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          Who is a moderator?


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            Originally posted by Mastercraftdave View Post
            Who is a moderator?



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              Mikeg205 commented on it and before I could respond it was closed. Couldn't have been too bad if he responded.

              Look at the frustrated-- customer service on my boat. Even though that wasn't the original title. It was changed.


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                I ordered the BEI sensor from Mouser. About to try to install it. Where the heck is it though? I'm told in the Throttle Control Lever assembly. Do you have to take off the entire body piece that it is connected to that has the speaker in it at the bottom? The solid black body molding in the cockpit with the arm rest?


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                  Don't know if you have done this or not, but factual, organized accounts of issues seem to get the best response.
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                    I would agree with Cruisin ^^^^

                    -Specify your exact issue.
                    -Steps taken to date to rectify
                    -Obstacles met with names and locations of obstacles
                    -Pics or documentation

                    All of these things lend credibility to your problem and will ultimately help get things solved.


                    • Understand your frustration... just list a timeline of all events, and see what can be done about it. MikeG said mastercraft was aware of the situation. I would have expected MC to at least contact you about it? Maybe not? Usually the mods aren't the ones to close threads, that usually comes from a higher up. I'd take it to PM with mikeg205... he's good people and will help you get in touch with the right higher up's.


                      • are you gay, black, scientologist, klan member or Canadian?


                        • Originally posted by craig3972 View Post
                          are you gay, black, scientologist, klan member or Canadian?
                          LOL. All of the above?


                          • Originally posted by CT_2006X2 View Post
                            I ordered the BEI sensor from Mouser. About to try to install it. Where the heck is it though? I'm told in the Throttle Control Lever assembly. Do you have to take off the entire body piece that it is connected to that has the speaker in it at the bottom? The solid black body molding in the cockpit with the arm rest?
                            It is behind the panel you are talking about. Removing the panel on my boat is a two person job as someone had to lay on the floor and get an arm behind the panel to hold a wrench on the locknuts. Then I unscrewed the torx screws from the front of the panel. There is an allen head on the bottom of the control arm that needs to come out and then the screw holding the neutral button on. Once these are removed you can remove the small screws holding the decorative plate on the outside of the panel to see the four screws holding on the control lever. Good luck, I just did this tonight but replaced the whole assembly and not just the sensor. Let us know how it goes, I am going to order one of the BEI sensors as a spare.
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                            • I bought a brand new x45 in 2012 and paid over 100k for it as well and was very disappointed in want I got. I never really had software issues or power tower issues.

                              These are the issues I'm still dealing with:

                              1. The Bimini that came with the boat was ripped from delivery and we had to get it fixed which I did. However we said we wanted a brand new one which they gave us. However when it was return it was for an x55 and yet still three years later don't have the right top. The dealer has ordered me new ones but every time they order one it doens to fit. I think we have tried 5 or 6 now I can't remember. But apparently he has the right one now but I haven't seen it yet.

                              2. The plug and play ballast from the factory is garbage. It uses three electronic valves which switch the pumps from bag to tank and vise versa. I have been through three or four sets of them and each time they will work for a few weeks then fail. While switching the cables from the bags to tanks or tank to bags they will get stuck about 1/4inch away from the end point which won't all for the lumps to kick on and drain or fill the ballast. MC said they were going to start making there own valves which they did. They sent three down here two weeks ago to find that only one worked and the other two had to go back This was a 3k option. It hasn't worked properly from day one. Thinking reasonable I mentioned to the dealer to screw the valves and to just see if they would let him put pumps and the problem would be solved. Sure it wouldn't show up on my BIG screen but I could live with that to get it fixed. He told me this week the won't authorize it because it will cause to much a voltage draw on the batteries?

                              3. The trailer that we got with the boat is garage as well and is an MC trailer. Two years after ownership and it's rusting and the paint is chipping in areas all over the trailer. The stainless steel fender steps have rust all around them and the paint is bubbling. We have already had these reprinted. We use the trailer only to take the boat to the dealer and that's it. The boat sits on a hoist all the time and the trailer sits in a garage. MC doesn't want to warranty the trailer at all. I have been fighting with them forever with this.

                              Zane is the regional rep for the south and he was not very helpful atleast when ever we would email him the responses were short and never really got anything accomplished as were still having these issues. I was able to meet him at the ft lauderdale boat show and he seemed like a great guy and we even talked to him about these issues and he said he would help us. Maybe he just has too much going on and can't put time into this, idk?

                              I just want MC to stand behind their product and help us out. They build a beautiful boat but a few things are just not well made and I want to get it fixed. Is that too much to ask for with the price that I paid for this boat?



                              • David well stated. I have owned Centurion, Nautique and the last two have been MasterCraft. We own two high end vehicles both cost just less then our 2014 X-30. We in service they treat us like kings. Landrover & Jaguar.

                                I have been disappointed with MC quality, mistakes made on parts and accessories ordered. Trailer is a joke. I just crawled under it today for the first how cheap compared to Nautique and even Centurion.

                                That all being said.

                                It's SUPER important to create and build a relationship with the dealer. Norcal MC has gone through burning hoops to rectify any issues we have had.

                                It doesn't always happen on our timeframe, and we have had to make multiple trips 3 hours round trip. .. but it always seems to be resolved beyond our expectations. Thanks Norcal MC!!

                                I have emailed MC directly through their website 4 times without any responses.

                                I have been in sales for 20 years. High Tech hardware, CRM software and Contractor sales. The gamut of personalities.

                                For sure, I know the commitment has to come from the top.

                                At the end of the day the reality is "we the consumer", will make MC successful.

                                Not the King of Wake tour or pro athletes.

                                We buy the boats and deserve timely communication and respect.

                                I hope you can get your situation turned around.

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