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  • Gas can suggestions

    Anyone now where to buy the old style 5 Gallon gas cans???
    The ones the have the flexable spout and the vent hole on the back.

    I bought 2 of the new style..and they suck!!! slow pouring and there was a lever on top you had to push and hold down before the gas would pour very,very poor set-up..I returned them today.And went to Kmart,Lowe's,farm/fleet looking for the old style with no luck.
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    I bought the new cans also. Agree they suck. I bought the old spouts on ebay and replaced them on the new cans. I think you can't find the old style anymore in the stores.
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      I saw a really cool thing at a camp I was at-not directly answering your question, but may help indirectly. If you get a piece of clear tubing that just fits inside the opening (with the spout off) and set the can on the engine cover. Then seal the gap with your fingers, then squeeze the can to get a flow started. Then it will siphon and empty the rest. Its really fast, like a indy pit stop!
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        I too have been looking for the old style cans after purchasing two of these junk cans this summer. I ended up taking apart the spout and cutting the guts out and reassembling. The only thing you have to do now is turn the can on the side while filling to maintain air flow. One bad thing is their is no closure on a full can.


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          I got two a few years back, at an army surplus. You can also google "jerry cans"
          and possibly find something.


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            Troy check E-Bay



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              Originally posted by KnoxX2 View Post
              These are the ones I have and I do not like because of the nozzle. I think they over engineered a good thing.


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                I have several of the new ones at the lake house, but my buddy gave me one of these to use .... it wil siphon gas faster than an old one can pour it ... no drips


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                    These are the best gas cans ever. We have accumulated 12 of these things over the years and have never, ever had a problem. They pour fast, are built well and have replaceable parts if they ever fail (ie. Vent cap breaks off from base, gasket gets lost or brittle, fuel hose gets old and inflexible).

                    They are made by Scribner Plastics and can be found at any motorsports dealers, but we have bought a bunch here:

                    B S Disclaimer: Here in California, we are not "allowed" to use these as fuel jugs because the CARB/EPA will not approve them as they do not have the safety shut off & lever.
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                      The problem may have started with California, but now the EPA has written regulations on fuel cans (Gas, Diesel, Kerosene). After having tried to use the current ones, seems like the regulations were written by someone who's never used one in their entire lives.

                      Live with it boys, or start a revolution.


                      But thanks for the link, Sodar. Too bad that civil disobedience has to cost $25 / jug.

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                        Yep. Changed the design to prevent accidental spills when can tips over in a vehicle. In reality, the new design is so ridiculously cumbersome that I guarantee more gas is now spilled than ever before when trying to pour the fuel. My dog could engineer a better cap....

                        nmcjr's suggested method works great, just make sure the gas can is higher than your fuel tank.
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                          I agree with Sodar, the MX gas cans are the greatest.. easy to handle and poor fairly quick. very durable as well.


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                            I've seen the M/X type jug,but by the time you buy the hose there very pricey.
                            Looks like I have two options
                            -Buy the M/X jug
                            -Get the new style and cut the guts out of the spout add a rubber hose to the spout and add a vent hole in the back.
                            "Hey baby want to make fourteen dollars the hard way?"--Rondhey Dangerfeild-Caddy Shack.

                            "Was it over when the German's bombed pearl harbor ?"
                            ---Animal house


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                              Look on eBay for one with a hose