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1995 MasterCraft Maristar 200 VRS questions. .

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  • 1995 MasterCraft Maristar 200 VRS questions. .

    I'm looking to purchase one and have been reading about about the boats and I'm liking it for what I want to do. The one I found is pretty clean. Most of the interior had been redone. He says the exterior still shines. A few minor nicks here and there but he bought it from the original owner 4 years ago and keeps it in in the garage. He said he added the tower tower and trim tabs and it has about 465 hours on it. What is a good price for the boat? I'm looking to buy now but I also don't want to over pay and I know yall are pretty smart guys on here. Thanks!

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    Also, any tips on what to exactly check or look out for on this boat will will be greatly appreciated. I'm more than likely going solo to check her out.


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      TERRIBLE tower mounting. Backwards and off-center. Plan on getting that remounted.

      Here's a great checklist to follow when going to look at one of these kinds of boats:
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        The V drives are finally coming down on price. That is a great boat. Obviously have a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection.

        The tower does look horrible but it can be remounted or you can do a different tower in the future. For the money the V-drive and Fuel injection at that price seems a good price point to me. Obviously work him for every dime you can on the final price!!!


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          That tower is hideous!!!


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            Stay away from that one. Too costly to mount the tower properly and then gelcoat over the old holes etc. also the interior was redone with cheaper low grade marine vinyl. Looks to be decent enough craftsmanship, just a cheap owner.

            I own the exact same boat. I won't tell you what I have in it now but you can find that boat without those issues for way less.

            I bought mine for $10k keep looking. But an incredible 3 sport boat. Great surf and decent wake and slalom.

            That trim tab is cool. That would solve the porpoising issue. But then, so did perfect pass.

            Good luck with the hunt.

            OH YEAH - CHECK THE RUB RAILS!!!!

            The link is my boat before a brand new rub rail obviously.

            Worst leak ever. Plowing water at 2200rpms the leak in the rear rubrail where the hull and deck come together. On the mid 90's late 80's mastercrafts where t...
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