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which tower speakers to buy?

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  • which tower speakers to buy?

    I would love to get some feedback on your rating of the speakers you have. I have the stereo and amp to push the power!

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    If you have the money, you simply can not get better than the NVS speakers.

    If money is a concern, look at anything with the MB Quart separates in them. I have Boss B-530's with the Quarts in them.


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      Go for the Deafcon 5's.
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        Originally posted by mcprostar197
        Go for the Deafcon 5's.
        word. with alot of power


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          If you want something a little different....

          I know a guy, he posts on Wakeworld as Squid, that makes the absolute most beautiful fiberglass speaker enclosures I have ever seen. He custom paints them to your specifications. I just bought one, I think it was around $200.00.

          There is space for 4 - 6x9 speakers. I just ordered 4 Polk MOMO top of the line 6x9 speakers on ebay for 90 bucks a pair.

          So, for well under 500 bones I will have a completely custom fiberglass enclosure with 4 of the best sounding speakers on the market. Plus, the look of having an enclosure rather than regular tubes appealed to me.

          In addition, many of the tower speakers that I have seen are designed for listening to at 80'. Many of them are not designed for any of the lows or mids, as those frequencies do not travel well behind the boat. This results in something that is not optimal for crisp full range sound in the boat. That info is second hand, by the way.

          My needs are different. Nobody barefooting is going to be able to jam to music....nor do I care for them to. I want incredible clear full range sound in and around the boat. If we pull up to a dock, or are swimming around the boat in a cove I want the must to be perfect. Therefore, I picked the components that I thought would be best for that purpose. Its going to look awesome on my boat too

          Just a FYI.

          By the way, as soon as I get the speakers in I am going to do a how to/photo journal of the entire install and post it....should be fun!


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            Robert that box looks like mine! Running 4 Concept 6x9's with plenty of sound, running a 1000 watt Concept amp to the tower!
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              Very cool looking boat!

              Well, when I said custom, I guess I should have said that by the nature of the process all hand made speaker enclosures are one of a kind (stretching fabric over a frame).

              Still, don't you agree that it kind of sets your boat apart a little? I think it adds an element, I personally dig it.

              Can you hear music at wakeboard speeds behind the boat with your setup?

              When its up that loud, can you sit in the boat without going deaf?

              Another couple of things that I like about the one piece speaker enclosure is that its lighter than 4 cans, and its going to be a very clean install because all the wiring will be hidden inside the box.

              By the way, the front of the box has a flat spot about 14" wide and 4" tall.

              I would love to add a billet X series logo or something, anyone have any idea where I could get a MC or X series something to go there?


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                As was said before NVS is the top of the line if you have the cash. If not I would definitely go with a fiberglass box with 6x9's. They will get so much louder than components it's ridiculous. I had a set of components and upgraded to a fiberglass box with 4 Pioneer 5-way 6x9's. I have about 750 watts running to it and it kills.
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                  I have four 6" Fusion Speakers on my tower and six 6" polk Momo speakers in the boat. I got a 400 watt amp and a 10" sub as well.

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