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Ski wake of an X1?

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  • Ski wake of an X1?

    Hello, we have a 2002 prostar 209(hooked) that we mostly wakeboard behind but we also do some advanced skiing. We used to have a prostar 190 before any one started wakeboard but now with the 209, the ski wake is to large for our skiing ability and the tricks we are starting to attempt tricks that need a bigger wake. We have looked at a fair amount of x14vs that we were told was our best option. The problem is they were just started to be made in 2009 and the price tag isn't pretty. Is there any other boat, possibly a X1, that will ski and wakeboard better??


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    X1 will wakeboard better but ski worse.


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      Darn that's what I was afraid of. I'm not too familiar with the x1s. Did they come with a wake plate? Can you add one?


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        It was an option. I don't have it (yet), but have heard from others on here that it's still a very hard wake with it but just gets smaller.


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          have you tried adding ballast to the 209? It's not my area or expertise but there seems to be people doing pretty good tricks behind older ski boats that have been weighted down.


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            We put a 650 fly high sac under the backseat that really helps but isn't huge. I ride behind x25s, moomba lsvs, and a supra sc450 every once in a while and am able to land big tricks behind those like nothing. I have to try super hard to get a wake to wake 360° on the 209. The x14v I was told would be a lot better wake.