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Order an X23?? Want SeaDek?? Your welcome!

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    Originally posted by Mastercraftdave View Post
    I bet the cost just doubled.....

    Ya, I guarantee it will cost more...... And not have the really cool X23 logo on the floor

    I posted the part numbers...... Yes, I had a very hard time getting this all set up, but now it should be as easy as simply submitting the part numbers for the pieces you want, and you should see it in a couple weeks.

    If you start from scratch, expect a lot of headache, and a 5 month process.


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      I thought about getting SeaDek but I really like my deckadence flooring. I may do it one day but I really like what I have for now....


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        Originally posted by FourFourty View Post
        Everything fit perfect for me. You will always have to plan a little stretching/pulling when installing no matter what. You can just use the attachment in post 39 to order all the pieces. It will probably cost around $1500.00
        Gotcha ... would prefer to avoid MC costs. Any idea where i can order?