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1995-97 prostar 190, 19 skier, and x-5 owners questions

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  • 1995-97 prostar 190, 19 skier, and x-5 owners questions

    Hello everyone,

    I am new on the site and saw a great post about the history of the 1995-1997 190 prostar, 19 skier and x-5 hull. I have always liked the look of that hull and have a few questions for the people that own those boats.

    I currently have a 19 foot I/o chaparral and I am considering selling it and moving to a direct drive boat.

    Before I buy a new to me boat it needs to meet the following criteria:

    Serve as the only boat for a family of four. We primarily will have only four people in the boat but on rare occasions would need to fit up to eight.

    Be able to fit in a standard garage, I won't leave my stuff out overnight.

    I would like to keep the weight of the boat and trailer under 5000 lbs because we like to boat at a lot of different places and don't want to tow a heavy surf boat all over the state.

    Be set up to teach young kids all different types of water sports.

    And the most important criteria is that is has to have a comfortable ride for my wife.
    I realize that the hull was a competition level hull so it is designed for that purpose, however, how does that hull handle rough water. 90% of our boating is done on larger public lakes or flowages in Wisconsin (Lake Wisconsin, Castle Rock, Minocqua Chain and Three Lakes Chain) that can all get pretty rough. I have never ridden in this hull design but have ridden in some older prostars and barefoot 200 that I will admit are great for skiing, but I would not want to be in them on a busy Weekend afternoon.

    Please give me your honest feed back. I think that is boat would serve us well but I am a little concerned that it would ride a lot rougher than our current runabout.

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    1995 prostar hulls don't hand the chop well... I would go with a 205V/x5 with a swing away tongue.
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      I had a prostar 195. It's a great slalom hull for sure. If you are going to have more than four a tower is a must for water sports. We have had 10, but only 4 were adults and it was not to bad. Had to pull from the rear tow eye. If it's going to be a regular thing a 205 would be a better choice for the bow space. V drive would be even better but they start to jump in price.

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        All of those boats you listed will suck in lake conditions. I have a sportstar and its a riverboat only. With that being said if my boat can't handle the water I have no business stapping a board on my feet anyways. Out of all the ones you listed I would go with an open bow x5. Which I believe will be an 01. The 02 were only made in the closed bow. You should be able to find one for about 14-15k. Good luck


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          Not going to do well on the comfortable ride part of the equation compared to your v hull boat, but the boat will handle big chop with some active driving. Adding weight in the back helps keep the nose up and softens the blows of the waves.
          I had a 96 PS 190 and it is ideal for everything else you're looking for save for seating 8 people.
          Even with little kids, the max you can seat is about 7 and that includes 2 in the observer seat and 1 on the cooler behind the driver. (Where we put the cooler).
          Define standard garage. By pulling the swim deck off and having a folding trailer tongue you can get total length to around 20'. Don't remember if it's a little over or under.
          Boat and trailer together will be well under 5klbs too.
          I loved that boat and had it been an open bow, may still have it.
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            I have a Prostar 195, and it is definitely built for calmer waters. If we go out on the weekend, we make sure to be in the party cove by noon...had the bow swamped by wakesurfers a few times already.
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              I was in this same dilemma years ago because my wife had a spinal disease and she could not tolerate the rough waters. The answer for us was to move up to the PS 209/X9, as this hull handles the chop tremendously better than the 190 or 205. It is also a great ski hull and surfs well too when weighted properly (look for my vids on this site to prove it). Honestly, this is the most versatile boat that I have ever owned, and I am eternally in search of the optimal crossover after owning the 190, 205, X9, and X14v. Hope this helps!


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                Don't even think about that hull if you're looking for a good rough water ride. I have a few suggestions, PM me if you want.


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                  95-97 190/ X5 isn't a boat for what is described in OP. Imo.
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                    Originally posted by JohnE View Post
                    95-97 190/ X5 isn't a boat for what is described in OP. Imo.

                    Not going to seat 10 and is not a smooth riding boat in chop.

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