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    Originally posted by ttu View Post
    i would call the dealer one more time and only one more and tell them you intend to go another path if they don't demo and if they stick with their crap demo policy, run!
    get a demo and run anyway...
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      That is total BS. That dealer will just cause more misery AFTER you buy a boat.

      So here's an idea...there are a TON of good people on this board and most likely a few on here that have a boat fairly close to what you are interested in buying that live close to you.

      Offer up some gas money and maybe a few beers and have them take you out on THEIR boat.

      By doing this you will not only get honest feedback on how they like / dislike their boat but you may find out some of the tricks they are doing to get that perfect surf wake, etc.

      You may also meet a few people who you may become good friends with and then ski/surf together in the future.

      We all love our MCs and love talking about them. That's why TMC exists.

      If I had the boat you were interested in buying and you were close to me, I would have no problem taking you out to test it out...

      You should have to make ridiculous efforts test driving a boat...especially if you are seriou about buying.

      Good Luck!


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        No reason to put a deposit on for a test drive. I'd tell them to buck up and put it in the water.


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          Originally posted by lashburn1 View Post
          they are NOT interested in selling you a boat
          This is what I think to. If they wanted a wake, they'd make the potential customer happy.


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            Are you sure they have an X10? Maybe they don't have one, and they have to pull it from another dealer. If they were going to buy it off another dealer, then the contract and deposit could make sense, but I would expect them to be upfront about it.


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              They have at least 2 2015 X-10's available for demo. Maybe if they're sitting on them in December they'll be more inclined to launch one.


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                Hi Peter - who's the dealer?
                sigpic...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....


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                  Just to put it in perspective, my dealer emails me every week about what lake and time they are going out to take people surfing/boarding behind the new boats. I am not even in the market for a new one. They got my email from the boat show in January. All they ask in return is that you email them that you are coming so they bring enough boats. Even let you demo boards/etc and you can request which boat they bring out.