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  • Windows 10?

    What's the deal? They are offering a free upgrade. Is it an upgrade? Good, bad, stay away? My daughter's laptop has it and is full of ads and useless programs that slow it down. As soon as I delete them there seem to be more. I am obviously not a computer person.

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    its great. do it.


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      By the way, you can even perform a clean installation and no problems with activation because it will be activated (while installing just skip the step when you are asked for registration key).
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      Your daughter is going to love it.
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        Not a chance I'd move off of win 7 to win 10.

        Better take some needed steps and do a lot of research about it. I'm even read in some situations it's deleting music files for unknown licensing issues.

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          great - more privacy issues on the PC.. ugh...
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            I work for Dell and was a Microsoft SME and have been using the OS on my work laptop for almost 2 years now, Windows 10 will be free within the first year of the launch July 29 2015-July 28 2016. After July 28 2016 there will be charges to upgrade to the OS, on the release date so many people tried to upgrade it crashed the servers.

            Keep in mind, if you are upgrading from Windows 7 Pro you will install Windows 10 Pro, if you are upgrading from Windows 7 Home OS you will have Windows 10 Home. The only way to get the pro OS would be if you are upgrading from a Pro OS.

            You can visit the link below to download the free OS, or wait until Microsoft send a upgrade option to your service tag number.


            Also the other applications that has yet to launch expect them around the end of December.


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              Yeah, win 7 ultimate is what I have an its what I use until end of life is reach and probably beyond that. I see no "need" to "upgrade" at this time.


              the other crap part of the free upgrade? You have to download it to each of your computers. You can't down load a version and then install that on all your computers. Yeah, what is it 4 gigs to each work station. No thanks!

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                I upgraded from 8. Let's just say I had to go back to 8.


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                  Originally posted by ewilcox11 View Post
                  I upgraded from 8. Let's just say I had to go back to 8.
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                    I set up 10 on a friends computer and had to turn off a lot of crazy personal tracking crap. So watch out for that. Also, I read somewhere that it will lock up every unverified programs they you have. That's my main stopping point...
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                      buggy and way to many privacy issues. and a lot of tracking stuff you turn off they end up turning back on.
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                        I'm an IT Architect and have been using the beta and now the full release. Lots of myths and half truths out there. The short version......

                        There is a ton of tracking going on but it can be shut off. Be smart and shut all of it off. Your computer will run better and you'll be safe again (as if you really were with Windows 7 or 8, yeah right). Here's a good article that will get you through this.....


                        Most PCs loaded with windows 8,x will run better on Windows 10. Sorry but both versions of Windows 8 sucked. Windows 10 is a vast improvement especially in the GUI (user interface).

                        Don't count on Windows to block spyware and adware. This is true with all versions. I run Malware Bytes and System Mechanic Professional which does a good job cutting down on the garbage ads.

                        If you had poor security before the upgrade it'll be worse if you don't take steps to secure your system. See my first item.

                        If you have any scam software from Microsoft it will most likely catch it and force you to buy or re enter your license key. I've seen this a lot with MS Office 10 and above. Make sure you have all your software keys before upgrading.

                        If possible take the option to do a fresh upgrade/install. Reinstall your applications and be sure to fully back up your data before the upgrade. If your system was screwed up or marginal before an in place upgrade it'll likely be screwed up after.

                        There's a good chance even if you do the in place upgrade your printer software will not work after. Plan on reinstalling your printers especially if you have an all-in-one printer.

                        If your hardware is 5 years old check with the manufacture if it is compatible with Windows 10. I've had good luck moving some old machines over but your mileage will vary.

                        In the end this is the same dance we do with all software upgrades. Most people will advise you to wait until the first service pack so some of the growing pains have been resolved. The only program I have that gives me problems to this day is Lotus Notes which is the mail program for the company I work for. Based on previous experience with Lotus Notes I have little doubt that this is a Notes issue. If you're looking for some monumental improvement over windows 7 you'll be let down, it just isn't there. If you're looking for a better version of windows 7 and much better version of windows 8 I think you be happy.


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                          Originally posted by Double D View Post
                          I set up 10 on a friends computer and had to turn off a lot of crazy personal tracking crap. So watch out for that. Also, I read somewhere that it will lock up every unverified programs they you have. That's my main stopping point...
                          That was entirely debunked. Disabling of services only applies to programs that uses Microsoft services (Office 365, Windows Store apps, Xbox One, etc). It does not apply to Windows itself.


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                            scary that some are suggesting staying with windows 8...hahahahaha, sorry had to get that out.

                            Sounds like anything computer related, half truths and half lies. Lots like a Mac vs. Microsoft debate. Everybody has different requirements, different hardware, different software needing to run. No one answer.


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                              I'm still pretty happy with 7 on my machine. What would I gain from upgrading?