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  • X10 vs X14 Need help


    I've wanted an X14DD for many years, now I have the time and money to get one but started having second thoughts after researching the X10. We want to do it all, slalom a little, barefoot a little, wake board, and surf. We're not pros at any of them, not expecting a slalom course type boat. Mainly slalom and barefoot to stay in shape (i'm too young to give it up). Wakeboarding will be just spins and basic inverts. Surfing will be just a way too have fun when there are a lot of people along and the lake is rough - a way to get everyone involved.

    Also, we'll be living on a lake so storage isn't a big deal, but it would be nice to have a place to put coolers and bags for days hanging out at the sand bar. the lake we will be living is very big and can get rough, so i am assuming the X10 will be a lot better in chop?

    I am leaning with the X10. The biggest thing holding me back is handling of a V-drive. I haven't been in a V-drive since my buddy's 1997 Tige, that thing handled worse than most IOs. How does the X10 handle? How are the hole shot in the new V-drives? I'll look for one with a 6.0 if I have to. I have skied most recently behind an '81 ski nautique.

    side note: can't stand the pickle front end so X-2 is out, and for some reason don't like the x14v.

    I'll take all thoughts, comments, and opinions.

    Thanks for helping a guy out!

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    Which x10 are you referring to? The new (current) 2013+ model or the older early 2000's to ~2006 model?
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      I also used to think I wanted an x14 or x9 but now we're shopping for an x2. Since you don't like the x2, have you checked out the x15? I'd consider an x15 as well but can't find any near me to test. It seems any TT members that have them love them, and won't sell them to me.

      I'm shopping for a boat around 2008 model year. So I don't really know much about the new x10

      As far as the older boats go, the x10 or x15 will wakeboard, surf and handle chop better than the x14 and the x14 will ski much much better than any other boat listed.
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        I'd say given that you don't have any desire for course skiing, that an X10 is a better choice, especially the current version.
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          If the lake you boat on is large and gets rough at all I would be hesitant to get an X14. The nose sits pretty low, even more so with any weight up front. The DD doesn't have much bow rise at all at low speed either. Anything over typical boat wake is going to be difficult to handle.


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            I am referring to the current X10 2013 - 2016.


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              Originally posted by XC500mod View Post
              I am referring to the current X10 2013 - 2016.
              I'd go X10. Had I not found my current X14, I'd have been looking for an X10.
              Prior boats - (3) X14's, (3) Prostars, and a Tristar.


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                I'm relatively new to the site, but i think the current x10 is least posted about boat. I've really only found 1 thread about it.


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                  X10 all the way, here are some shots from a demo I did.

                  I think if you increased the Attitude Adjustment Plate to 70% down the ski wake is softer, it doesn't look as nice but it is actually easier to cut through.


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                    IMO, the X10 is the best all rounder. We use ours similar to what you describe, minus footing. She does everything well, with a great surf wave that rivals much larger boats. +1 to the 6.0L. Ours tops out at a hair over 38 MPH at WOT, but that is with a high altitude prop at 8,300' elevation. At closer to sea level and propping up a bit would get you into the 41-42MPH territority for footing. Lastly, you'll be pleased with handling, turns on rails with the tracking fins.

                    X10 Surf:

                    If you were heavily biased towards slalom and footing, say 80%, then the X14V is the way to go.


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                      Corey, thanks for posting that thread, that's the one that got me thinking about the X10. Looks like a slalom wake I could use.

                      Moose, thanks for posting that thread as well. I think the X10 is the way to go. I think it's pretty important to find one with the 6.0.

                      thanks guys! i just need to learn the differences in the model years.


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                        Corey that X10 wake is awesome for a V

                        If you are not skiing a slalom course get the X10


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                          You were asking about new v-drive driving vs direct drive. I have driven some of the original direct drive Century boats from the mid 20th century and there is no comparison. My X35 is much easier to drive and I don't miss the midship engine compartment in the way.

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                            i'd buy both!


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                              I've had both and I highly recommend the x10. I agree with moosehead's comments.

                              Another factor to consider is resale value. There aren't a lot of slalom skiers out there anymore and if they are serious about it they want a Prostar. There are a ton of people who are looking for surf-capable boats.