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2005 x30 ballast advice

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  • 2005 x30 ballast advice

    Just wondering what anybody would recommend for ballast bags in my boat for surfing? I'm currently running the stock 200 and then I fill a 750 bag beside it depending on riders side (doesn't go close to full with the space for the bag )/400 kgb in center floor and one 500 on floor in the bow.Im thinking about taking out factory tanks and plumbing in 750lbs each side as well as the PiggyBack Bow Ballast Upgrade (off of the center kgb to avoid having bags on floor ).Also maybe getting the ronix wave shaper then you can fill all the bags and leave them (ive heard its great? anybody on here have one ?) or the one that attachs to the swim grid by mission boat gear?

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    any advice would great

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    Just get anew boat!!


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      Originally posted by Cain0725 View Post
      Just get anew boat!!
      Cain, wakeworld is ----------------->

      OP, check on this thread and possible get in touch with nickespi. He has an 02 which is the same hull as yours.


      Making boomers great again!! Boomin'


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        thats a good thread CR referenced. it sounds like you are right on track. pull the stock hard tanks and plumb in bags. i'd go with the 1100's. when i got my x30, it had 750's. i replaced them with 1100's. they don't fill all the way, but they get close. i put in some simple reinforcement on my engine side panels as they do exert a fair amount of lateral force. i've run the stock KGB since i've had the hull and even with that the surf wave is decent. my KGB finally burst last season, so i'm going to put in a replacement from wake makers. i'm not sure if i'm going to put in the bow piggy back setup. it would certainly help, but storage is already compromised with the 1100's taking up the rear lockers.

        i don't know what your motor is, but running that much weight was tough with my LTR and the OEM prop. i re-propped with help from OJ and it made a night and day difference when running heavy. my son and his friends like to run the rears around 2/3, full KGB and a partially full 750 in the walk way for wake boarding. before the new prop, it was really hard to the the PP dialed in without major surging.


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          Originally posted by Cain0725 View Post
          Just get anew boat!!
          Nice post moron....are all 682 of your posts this useful lol !!


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            I pulled my hard tanks and run a 900 in the Port corner, then the addiction started and I run a 900 on the floor also. I also fill the KGB bag. Stick everyone in the corner and I run a decent very tall wave. I have messed around with a fake gate but you need to load your boat even for this. My personal opinion I would load it hard on one corner and enjoy the big wave.

            I bought everything from Wakemakers, I have the super tsunami pump for the floor bag fills really fast also.

            I also changed my prop with OJ Props - talk to Eric he will set you up


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              I have an 04. I pulled the hard tanks and went with 750s in the rear. I would go 1100 and get the engine divider panel re in force not kit (I an upgrading to that this year) . Last year we put a second 750 on the floor in the rear to make it better. Plumbing this stuff is easy. I also put in the piggyback to the integrated bow sac. I see you are in Vernon. I am not far away on christina lake. Wake makers is the place to go but you can also get stuff from in Canada. Send me a pm if you want any help with getting it set up.


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                you can save some cash and make your own divider kit, I just used aluminum L channel and bolted 4 pieces vertically on the panel. I put the L bracket on the motor side. holds up great only costs a few dollars for the material.


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                  Definitely get rid of those stock hardtanks and replace with 1,100s or 750s. I went with 750s. Also, the stock center KGB does not go all the way to the front of the bow but it could I had a custom one made that goes all takes up the entire "ski locker" and holds 550 lbs of water. I also run the 1,000 lb triangle in the bow on the seats with the bow filler cushion.

                  I also have the L-18 (8.1 L) big block engine in my boat so carrying this much weight is never an issue with a full load of people.
                  2002, X30, L-18, Red Metal Flake (the possessed boat)