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  • X9 market/pricing and new purchase advice

    I just sold my 190 due to the size and the fact that may first-love (slalom) has taken a back seat to other water sports. I'm currently in the market for a "compromise" tow-boat.

    I've gotten kind of interested in the X-9. The problem is it seems to be a rare boat in the marketplace so I'm having a hard time figuring a fair market value. The boat I'm looking at is a 2001 with 650 hrs in pretty good shape.

    Can anyone give a ballpark price range on what I should pay? What's fair? What's a screaming deal?

    Also, are these boats sought after or are they more difficult to get rid of (let's say... in comparison to a similar 205). Are there any specific trouble areas I should look for or be aware of?

    Thanks in advance.

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    24-27k depending on condition. Resale is really good because they are an all sports boat. If you are ok with compromises than this will work. There are a couple issues with 2001. The vinyl of those years tended to crack and porpoising at high speeds if weighted rear heavy. The vinyl and the porpoising was worked out by 2004. Still a good boat but you asked for the dirt.


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      Originally posted by epnault View Post
      24-27k depending on condition. Resale is really good because they are an all sports boat. If you are ok with compromises than this will work. There are a couple issues with 2001. The vinyl of those years tended to crack and porpoising at high speeds if weighted rear heavy. The vinyl and the porpoising was worked out by 2004. Still a good boat but you asked for the dirt.
      Seems legit but expect that price to creep up the closer we get to July 4th. There's a 2005 209 here locally for $33k...that's a bit much. I wouldn't go above 30 unless it is super clean with desirable options.

      You can find those who love the 209 on this forum, and those who think the compromises it makes aren't worth it. Make sure to take your ski with you and test out the wake and ride.
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        I agree with the price ranges already mentioned here and would add that the range could sway a good $8k +/- depending on what the owner has done to maintain the boat and obv. the number of hours.

        When i bought my x9, I did a pretty extensive write-up here. The original owner only did the basics so I spent around $4,000 and many many hours of work on it. A big expense to look out for are the trailer brakes and actuator if it's still the OEM reliable parts. If the owner keeps detailed maintenance records, that's a good sign and would recommend spending some time reviewing those. Good luck!
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          We got our X-9, a couple years ago. The prices seem consistent with what I have seen. like REk stated check the trailer. My boat was great, all maintenance records, but trailer was neglected.


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            Shoot for a 2005. Better vinyl and you get swiveling racks. I had a 05 X9 - Loved it. My only gripe is that it gets small pretty quick with 6 people on it. Ski wake isn't fantastic, probably not much different than my current X2 at 32-34 mph.
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              Early X9's also had a porpoising issue that they fixed with a "hook" on the hull. The hook can be added to a hull later by a fiberglass shop. Bow weight will also help with porpoising.

              People that ski the course don't like the ski wake but if you free ski you may be able to find the sweet spot in the wake and be happy skiing there. Coming from a 190 the ski wake will probably be a huge downgrade. The obvious upgrades are wakeboard and surf wake along with space for the family. I've noticed they tend to move slower when listed for sale. It takes the right buyer for an x9 or 209. I first started looking at the x9 but then just decided to go with a v drive. The only time I regret this decision is when I'm working on my backwards engine. My arms are scraped all to hell right now.

              Neil is right. 2003 had weird clamping board racks that I've never used but they look funny and reports are they're less than amazing functionally. (they only kept them for 1 year)
              2004 got clamping racks
              2005 got swiveling racks and better vinyl.
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                Thanks. So for a pre-2005, how much would you venture to guess that swings the market value? If condition is good, would 24k still hold as a reasonable price or is that too high for the earlier models to be considered a good deal? I'm currently looking at a 2001 in good condition, aside from some second rate audio wiring and bad batteries, which should be an easy fix.


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                  I took mine through the slalom course every summer week for five years. Not sure why it gets a bad rap here. I also made that boat surf really well and was quite shocked at how well it could be with the right prop. I sold my 2002 X9 for 28K two ears ago with around 450 hours if I remember correctly. It could have sold for 30K or better, but I priced it to sell. Good luck!


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                    2004 Mastercraft X9 REDUCED! $26300


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                      This is all great info. So if I'm able to set my target price for a good condition (650'ish hrs.) 2001 X9 closer to 20-21K, I'm assuming that I should be pretty happy with that as a private-party sale price? One other technical question, which probably isn't specific to the X9:

                      The particular boat I'm looking at has had the gauge controller replaced (MDC?). Would this cause the hours to be reset or is the hour-meter data stored in the gauge itself?


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                        I'm going to disagree with someone saying that these are highly sought after rare boats. Don't let that make you think you have to pay more. To be honest atleast in my area DD crossover boats aren't that popular. You get the crowds that want a great wakeboard wake, a great ski wake, or just general boats who seem to go with a v drive for family. It wasn't hard to sell my x9 but it wasn't exactly everyone clawing to get at it either.

                        Don't base your price as much on hours as condition. At the age X9's are getting to I'd rather see 600 hours on it than 200.

                        Also keep in mind specific years of vinyl. I got a good deal on my 02' but the vinyl was pretty much shot. It worked for a season and then we replaced it. If you do it yourself you are looking at around 2500 bucks and prob 3500-4k if you have someone else do it.

                        The porpoising issue is real in the early years. My 02' sucked but a front bag helped. You just can't cruise around the lake at 35 with no one in the bow.

                        As for wake everyone here will confirm its not a comp slalom boat. The wakeboard wake is wide and very mellow. For beginners its a good wake but my real gripe with it was with the width. You can surf but its never going to be a surf boat.

                        With all that said the boat drives like a DD which is great however after owning that and a pickle x2 I'm just not sure I could go back. I know a pickle x2 isn't in the same budget but a 205v could be close.
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                          So, Can I get some more feedback? Should I have any apprehension if I can get this boat for $20-21k?

                          I'd like all the outside opinions I can get so don't hold back.

                          Specifics: Year - 2001. Overall condition - Very Good. 650 hrs. Vinyl is in great shape with no tears. Interior is very clean. I think the seats were redone and some point. I think this is the 310hp(?) Predator. It's definitely not the MCX. All the factory stuff appears to be there and in good shape (ballast bags, jump seat, tower, racks, etc.). No perfect pass (I have a hydrophase from my old boat I'll be installing). Tandem axle trailer in good shape. Button down cover. It's been sitting so it will probably need a couple new batteries and most of the lift struts need to be replaced (trivial). Those two items and some elementary-level sound-system wiring that I'll need to redo were the only knocks I could find, but the batteries were dead so I'll be conducting the sea-trial this weekend.

                          I'd just like to be confident that if I decide to unload the boat in a few years for whatever reason, I'm not going to take a complete bath.


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                            I'd buy it for $20-21k. That is if I was in the market for a DD boat. A friend of mine has one and he loves it. I should point out that he exclusively wakeboards with it and does load it down with extra balast.

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                              I want to jump on one of your original questions. Is a 209 harder to sell than a 205? Short answer is yes. The 205s are in a price range of say $10-$15k. The 209s are more as you are seeing from the posts above. These "compromise" boats will have strong competition from the v-drives just because the v-drives are more family, wakeboard and surf friendly. There are a lot fewer v-drives in the $10-$15k range so the 205 has less competition per say. In the 209 price range there are many more v-drives as the industry started to or had changed. Worse than than, you can even get close to the pickle fork X2s for almost the same money as the 209/x9. I think that makes a 209/x9 harder to sell.
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