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    Have you all created an emergency kit? A kit that holds flares, lights, documents, medical items, horn, etc? What did you use and what did you put in it for a boat that stays on an inland lake?


    1992 Maristar 240

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    I have a generic first aid kit as well as everyone's boater licenses and cash if I need a friend to tow me.


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      Hadn't thought about adding a few bucks. Good idea.


      1992 Maristar 240


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        -Store bought 1st aid kit
        -water proof flash light
        -unopened batteries 4 light
        -multi tool
        -paddle (not in kit of course)
        -cork screw (not quite an emergency, but someone at the sandbar always needs one)
        -all kept in water proof box under seat


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          First aid kit
          ammo box with misc tools and zip ties
          just had to make emergency run to town to get swimmer ear stuff, going to add that to the kit. My son has gotten several ear infections from all the swimming

          When we go on vacation I pack the garage, I have three tool boxes, two jacks, misc blocks of wood and more stuff I throw in


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            Just finished putting all my kits together. I made sure to get this done since we are taking a week long trip to Northern (lower peninsula) Michigan. Just got the boat this year, so still acquiring all of the miscellaneous gear.

            I'll post again when we get back (and I have access to my computer), but here's a summary of what I have.
            (1) First aid - made my own kit trying to keep in mind what is most likely (as far as injury) and most useful (being on the water things like standard band-aids might not be too useful)
            (2) Emergency Signaling Kit - small dry box (like an ammo box) with 4 handheld flares and two marine whistles. The flares are good for day or night use. Around here you don't necessarily need all of this unless you are boating on the Great Lakes or a body of water directly connected to them.
            (3) Tire Change Kit - I trailer with a single axle trailer, so wanted to be prepared. I pretty much copied what one of the other guys on TeamTalk did, but also added a torque wrench.
            (4) Misc. Tool Kit - Not too much to "fix" the boat itself on the fly since I think the newer boats have more electronics and probably aren't as easy to work on. My small kit has a few screwdrivers and then things like a good knife (cut ropes, especially if caught on the prop), swim goggles, flashlight, zip ties, misc tape...I'm forgetting everything right now.


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              Good idea! I only have a regular old first aid kit, screw driver, misc wrench, knife and paper towels.
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                I'll post more on this later...I have bookmarks to some of the other threads I referenced when building my kits. Some of them are much more comprehensive.

                Also, I'll work on taking some pictures of the kits.


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                  Everything others have mentioned, plus a dive mask in case something gets wrapped around the prop or driveshaft.


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                    Originally posted by scott023 View Post
                    Everything others have mentioned, plus a dive mask in case something gets wrapped around the prop or driveshaft.
                    Excellent idea. I could of used one a few years ago. I ran over a stray dock line in the middle of nowhere. I used a knife and Ray Charles method to free it up - Not fun.
                    Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.


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                      I keep a good IFAK in addition to a basic first aid kit. If you're not familiar a search will show you plenty of good examples. It takes a while to get real medical attention from the time something happens out on the water. An IFAK generally has a handful of items that greatly increase the survivability time after a major injury. Some of the items do require some basic training in their use but it's well worth it IMO.


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                        Originally posted by neil.anderson63 View Post
                        Excellent idea. I could of used one a few years ago. I ran over a stray dock line in the middle of nowhere. I used a knife and Ray Charles method to free it up - Not fun.
                        Was fishing line for us. PITA getting it off blind.


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                          List of Kits

                          Okay, as promised, her is what I have:

                          First Aid Kit
                          • Gauze Pads (Large – 4” x 4”)
                          • Duct Tape
                          • Medical & Sports Tape
                          • Waterproof Bandages (Band-Aids)
                          • Sam Splint (1 Large 36”, and 2 small finger splints)
                          • Nasal Spray (Afrin generic)
                          • Quick clot (1 bag)
                          • Tampons - (Took apart three of them and double-bagged in ziplocks)
                          • Insect/bee sting treatment (wipes)
                          • Water bottles
                          • Pain Reliever (Tylenol / Acetaminophen)

                          General Tool Kit
                          • Flashlights (1 large Maglite, 2 small LED lights)
                          • Swim goggles with case
                          • Rescue Knife (3.25" half serrated stainless steel blade with belt cutter and glass breaker)
                          • Zip ties
                          • Lighter
                          • Screw Drivers (1 Large Phillips, a few different Flat Blade)
                          • Electrical tape (a couple partial used rolls)
                          • Velcro straps (1” wide, some pre-cut lengths, and one small roll)
                          • Garbage bags (small roll, sort of like produce bags at a grocery store)
                          • Odds & Ends: adhesive backed Velcro, key rings, anchor shackle missing the pin (it’s at the bottom of the lake)

                          Coast Guard Signaling Kit
                          • Hand held flares (qty. 4)
                          • Marine whistles with lanyard
                          • Waterproof storage container

                          Tire Change Kit
                          *Kept in the Tow Vehicle
                          • Floor Jack (ACDelco – 2.25 ton, 15.5” total lift height)
                          • Lug Wrench (14” Stowable)
                          • Torque Wrench (1/2” drive)
                          • 3/4" Socket w/1/2" Drive Extension
                          • Jack Riser Boards
                          • Qty. 3 – 22” long 2x10 boards
                          • Qty. 4 – 5.5” long 2x10 boards
                          • Qty. 1 – 3/4" plywood
                          • High Visibility Vest
                          • Head Lamp
                          • Gloves
                          • Rags
                          • Torque Settings Page from the 2015 MasterCraft Manual
                          • Shows the correct star pattern and also lists the torque settings, keep in mind it’s not just the final torque, but the interim torque as you gradually tighten the lugs.
                          • Tire Pressure Gauge (I don’t keep this in the kit, because I check pressure a lot, but it’s usually in the car somewhere)

                          Here are some of the TeamTalk threads I referenced when building these kits (in some cases these give a lot more detail):
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                            First Aid Kit (Pictures)





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                              General Tool Kit Pictures


                              *** Adhesive backed Velcro to attach the bag to a carpeted wall ***



                              *** Belt Cutting Tool built-in - it is its own blade, i.e., not the knife ***

                              *** Goggles came with a case - a plus to avoid scratching ***