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Just replaced my rudder with "new" style

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    Mine is still in the garage waiting to be installed. You guys are killing me with all of your positive comments. I want to do this right now but can't find the time.

    In fact, I am in Nashville as I am writing this. I just got back from visiting the local MC dealer, Performance Marine. They had an X15 with I finally got to sit in. VERY, VERY nice boat. Almost makes me want to trade the X30 in on one.

    Not this year.....
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      I know this is an old thread but I thought I would try to see if anyone still remembers any of this.

      I have an '01 230VRS and would like to make the rudder change. I see the PN200162 number was replaced by PN200178 (according to MCPartsDepot). According to the site, that rudder requires PN200172 Rudder Port. My question is regarding that rudder port. Would there be any indicator that I could check on my boat to know if my 2001 would have the correct rudder port? Would it look different in anyway of the incorrect one?

      Thanks in advance if any of you can help.


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        I'm curious about this as well. My rudder looks like the pictured upgraded rudder, but it's got a bit of a twist across it. It seems like the rudders I see underneath newer boats are a a lot more massive.

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