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Issues Keeping surf gate stuck on side of 89 tristar

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  • Issues Keeping surf gate stuck on side of 89 tristar

    Hi guys, I have a 1989 tristar 190. We recently received a surfgate for it to help us get into surfing. It is one of the ones with 2 suction cups that stick to the boat. We are having issues getting it to stay stuck to the side of the boat when reaching our surfing speed of around 10mph.
    Does anyone have suggestions to keep the surf gate to stick to the boat and not slide off? Maybe we're not placing it in the exact right spot? Apply in water or out of water?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!


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    Are you talking specifically about the Mission Delta? If so, I've NEVER had mine come off at any speed.


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      Suction cups on vinyl graphics? The Tristar has that vinyl pinstripe that swoops down to the back of the hull - be my wager its letting air in.


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        No it's not the mission. I'm not exactly sure the brand. It came with the boat when we bought it.


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          I know what you mean. Any way to avoid letting air in? What are your thoughts


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            Try wiping the spot where you stick it with CLR or LimeAway before you launch. This always makes mine stick better. Once mine is on I have trouble getting it off sometimes.


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              Any update on the wake gate sticking?

              I also have a 1989 Tristar 190.
              Just now finishing sewing new seat covers, actually just making new seat cushions from scratch. Always felt the drivers seat was a bit low, so putting in taller foam, ...

              But also bought a 6'1" Hyperlite Landlock wake surf board. My family wants to try it out, so why not?

              I understand that these tristars were designed as ski boats, but it is what I have. I want to make the most of it, and am not interested in getting a new boat. Mine got a brand new engine in 2007, and runs very well, so no need to get anything different, just want to use what we are blessed to have.

              Any suggestions as to buying a wake gate? Is that all I need to make a better wake for surfing? As these boats ride pretty low to begin with, I do not really think I wan to add a ballast unless I really need to.

              Any advice, or updates on your wake gate would be appreciated.


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                Suck gate will do nothing for you unless you also have ballast/displacement. With a long 6' board....its possible that it would create enough wash to barely keep you going, but a suck gate (or any surf system), is not a replacement for ballast, gate just creates the divergence that you need to form the wave. The wave mass is gotten by the hull displacing enough water. You would at least need some weight/ballast to make it work, especially for a ski boat designed to make as small a wake as possible