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  • Alpine White Cool Feel

    Anyone have experience with trying to keep the Alpine White Cool Feel vinyl clean? Dealer says it's harder than the regular white vinyl that I currently have.

    Search only brought up black interiors. Thanks.

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    No long term experience, but the weekend we picked up the new boat with that seat material it got hit with some ash from a nearby forest fire. Definitely a little more effort to clean than regular vinyl, but it did come right out with water and a some light scrubbing. Hoping that's a sign of good things under normal use.


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      Ours got a stain the first month. Not sure what it was from, maybe some dirt or grime off a rope. We have not been able to get it out despite trying all the recs in the manual and suggestions from the forum. It has gotten lighter with sun exposure but still visible.

      It’s our first mastercraft and our next one will not have white interior. The cool feel is more cloth like and seems to really pick up any dirt, dust, and, sunscreen. I will definitely pick a darker color on the next boat.


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        We have it in our X23 and never again, shows everything and really hard to keep clean. It seems to look dirty all the time, its never looked the same as from when we brought it home. I will be ordering the browns or black for 2018.
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          I don’t understand the rage about the cool feel. We have the standard trim in our 2013 prostar and no one has ever complained about the seats being hot. And yes we have black aswell in ours

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            Got it, love it ... Not so bad to keep clean.


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              nothing that 303, or a little magic eraser won't take out. We love our alpine white. Gets hotter than heck here in the summer. Cool feel or not, white is the best in 105 heat like we get here