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1994 Prostar 205 on a 1995 Malibu trailer?

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  • 1994 Prostar 205 on a 1995 Malibu trailer?

    I have a 1994 Prostar 205 that I bought two years ago at a great price. With every great deal comes some drawbacks. Mine came with a 1999 Maristar trailer. The Prostar fits on the Maristar trailer, but not well--the boat rests on only two of the four bunks and I can't pull the boat all the way up as the forward fin will hit one of the trailer crossmembers. A new trailer would cost at least half of what I paid for the boat.

    After searching for a while, I found a 1995 Elete trailer model 20SAH that currently holds a Malibu Sunsetter. The trailer was made for a Malibu Sunsetter and the Sunsetter on the trailer seems to fit the trailer perfectly. The owner is willing to separate the Sunsetter from the trailer.

    Does anyone know if the hulls of a 1994 Prostar and a 1995 Sunsetter are similar enough for my Prostar to fit on this trailer? I already winterized my boat and put it in storage, so putting my boat on this trailer to check the fit is not an option at this time. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    That's tough to guess. Easiest to find someone with the right trailer. To measure things side by side. With your cross member you can get a weld shop to modify that easily.

    If structure is good new bunks is easy too.


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      Will the owner meet you at the local lake? Slide his boat off, slide yours on to check fit.


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        Can you get him to send you pics of the back and front of his trailer with the boat on it?

        I think the most important part will be to see the bunk layout (width/angle) and how it aligns to your boat chines underneath.

        As a comparison, the difference between my cradle lift and every other cradle lift on the lake? Nothing. Nothing other than the bunk placement.

        Edit: You also need to consider front/rear weight distribution, and where your fins/shaft will rest (so the bunk height).

        How far away is he from you?
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          Slalomjunkie, the trailer is about 45 minutes away from me, so I can see it anytime. Unfortunately my boat is 1.5 hours the other direction in storage. My brother has a 98 Malibu Sunsetter and other than being slightly wider, the two boats are pretty similar and are virtually the same length. I am not worried about the weight distribution, fins or shaft positions--based on my recollection of my brother's boat those should all match up well. My concern remains how the bunk placement lines up with the chines.


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            That's where if you can find someone with a 205 to measure the length of the bunks and width of the bunks at some distances back from the bow stand you can get a decent idea. If when you load it you note misfitment issues you can take photos and make marks for adjustments. Then during the summer grab an electric planar and relieve the bunks.