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X14v wake plate install?

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  • X14v wake plate install?

    I have a 2010 x14v and was wondering if installing a wake plate would help flatten the wake out for skiing? I usually ski at 28 mph and is seems to be a bit of a jump to get over it when you really get cranking on it. Any input is great I just don't want to spend the $3,000 and not see any change if you have pictures of the ski wake with the plate up and down let me know I would like to see them thanks.

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    I had an x14v and I felt that engaging the wake plate made little to no difference. Things that did make a difference were switching to an ACME prop with less pitch and more diameter (can't remember the model, but call Jim Theilin at ACME), skiing at 34 mph, putting 100 lbs of lead in the bow, and skiing with 1/3 tank of gas or less.

    Good luck.


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      I remember when foggy was analyzing the wake plate. I think that basically, it's difficult to lift the transom on the X14. Putting a little weight in the bow does soften the wake a bit.
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