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Bunk spacing X10 w Dockstar

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  • Bunk spacing X10 w Dockstar

    Just sold my Maristar and picking up a 17 X10 w Dockstar in two weeks. I’ve got time today to adjust my lift bunks for the new boat. Can someone provide the dimensions?
    '17 X-10
    '92 Maristar

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    Hey Pete - I wish I was close to my lift, I'd get them to you of course. If you call the dealer, I'm sure they can put a quick tape on a trailer for you. If you can wait, I should be back at the dock next weekend and will get you measurements.

    I did notice a few times though, that on my lift it was possible (I have a floating front mount lift) to pull too far forward and could have the weird thing that holds the shaft (its got a name thats slipping my mind) hit the cross member of the lift frame. So I'd encourage you to keep the bunks closer together at first, which will keep the boat higher off the frame and adjust from there.

    Once you do that, you can adjust the front and rear bunks so they boat sits level and all that fun stuff.

    Good Luck. I you don't get them, PM me and I'll put a tape on next weekend when I'm home.