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2000 Xstar fuel issue/fuel pump?

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  • 2000 Xstar fuel issue/fuel pump?

    hey there, any and all help appreciated. Not at all mechanical so bare with me. I

    put the boat in the water yesterday...started right up and sounded ok but while underway I noticed a slight vary in speed once but didn't think much about it because it was rough and windy so thought maybe it was just because I was going against the wind. Got to my dock and about 3 hours later decided to take boat out to play. I noticed a slight gas smell when I turned it over but it started right up...sounded a little rough though. What I noticed immediately when underway is that it ran fine at low speed but when I'd try to go 1/2 to full throttle I was not getting normal power. It would pick up and seemed to get better as I drove it but still felt like I was not getting full power and definitely it wasn't sounding as smooth as usual.


    1. does this sound like a fuel pump on the brink? I called mechanic and he said "sounds like a fuel pump" and the Inmar engine built for mastercraft you can only use a fuel pump from mastercraft? problem is at the lake I don't have any mechanics that are Mastercraft dealers and this guy told me only mastercraft dealer can get fuel pump for MC Xstar If it is fuel pump is there a pump for the 2000 XStar that doesn't have to be from mastercraft?

    2. could it be bad gas? I had probably a little less than 1/2 talk when I stored the boat (inside garage) at end of last year (sept) I did put a little stable in it then. I filled it up right before dropping it in the water yesterday and put appropriate amount of stable in for new gas. Note- I did power spray the heck out of the entire boat at end of season could have somehow gotten water in the gas? Or just bad gas all together ?

    3. By power spraying the crap out of it (outside of boat only) could I have somehow crack fuel line and there small crack letting air in and that's why it seemed like a small bit of gas coming out of water in bilge??

    The boat ran perfectly when I took it out of the water in Sept.

    Again, sorry for the long list of questions but if I have to take to mechanic I'd like to have a little knowledge under my belt so they don't go trying to fix something that isn't broke which happen last time and cost me a fortune for nothing.

    thanks guys!