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Back In A MC! A Few Questions

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    Originally posted by PeterAK View Post
    -One of the speedos doesn't work -- where to start diagnosing? Clean pitot swap gauges in dash to see if it follows replace bad gauge with perfect pass.
    -Gas guage doesn't work -- where to start diagnosing? Ohm meter at fuel sender.
    -The Silent Master has a leak on both sides close to where the hose clamps on, and the drain plug on the bottom of the muffler is stripped. I plan to try fiberglass repair on the leaks, not sure what to do to address the stripped drain plug. Any recommendations? Tapered pipe tap or lots of teflon tape.
    -The drain plug under the engine must have been left in as I can't get it loose by hand. Going to try to get the bilge totally dry (it's wet from the leaks in the exhaust during the water test) and put some penetrating oil on it. Sounds salty.
    -Trailer has Bearing Buddies. I've never had them before--I pulled the cap and the grease looks clean but is thin. Is that normal? Pump pump pump

    Seems like alot of corrosion issues. Salt boat?


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      Originally posted by 88 PS190 View Post
      Seems like alot of corrosion issues. Salt boat?
      None of the stuff that needed work was corrosion related. Pitot tube was broken, fuel sender failed (as they all seem to do), fiberglass muffler cracked (as the all seem to do), drain plug must have been left in all the time by the prior owner. All good now!


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        Originally posted by zsqure View Post
        I thought those 351's were supposed to run that valvoline oil with some additive for the flat tappet cam. Did something change along the way?
        That's the oil I initially planned to use and I think quite a few people use, but others recommend Rotella. Rotella is easier to find and cheaper so that's the way I went.