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303 to water proof boat cover

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  • 303 to water proof boat cover

    I used 303 High Tech Marine Fabric Guard on my boat cover and it didn’t work. Any ideas on why?

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    How much did you use? Did you wash and dry the cover prior to applying it?

    I did a cover years ago with good results. First, I took the cover to a laundromat and washed it (no soap with a double spin cycle in one of those big, industrial-sized washing machines. I brought it back to the house and draped it over several chairs to dry in the sun.

    When it was dry, I filled up a deck sprayer with 303 fabric guard and soaked it. I let it dry outdoors for the next 24 hours or so. Beaded off water like new after all was said and done.
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      Is the 303 a waterproofer? I use it on my bimini top in hopes it will keep it from fading.

      This year with my boat cover I took it down to the laundry mat and put it in the big washer. I used "Tech" wash and waterproof from Nikwax that you can get at cabellas or walmart. It is made for washing high tech fabrics like soft shell jackets and sleeping bags, etc. Wash it like normal with the wash, then add the waterproofer and let it soak - rinse - and let dry in the sun. I am super happy with the results - cover is clean and water runs right off it. Best results I have ever had with the cover.
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        Cover needs to be ‘clean’ and then after you spray cover/ fabric guard needs heat to bond/ volitiles to evaporate.

        The stuff works amazingly well but if cover isn’t clean the water will wash off the waterproof dirt and then cover will leak.

        Last issue is if the cover is on it’s last legs and is getting a little thin.


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          Agreed with Woody. I used it on my cover and it was awesome. Cover must be clean and you have to apply the spray to the point of rejection. Meaning, it should be running off. Took me just under a gallon to do my cover and Bimini.


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            I used a gallon, but i did not wash the cover. it it used just to cover my boat when it is on a lift


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              Which is better 303 or the star brite?


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                Originally posted by ryan_kc13 View Post
                Which is better 303 or the star brite?
                I have used both with similar results. Used the 303 last year and the Starbrite this Spring. Both seem to work about the same with the Starbrite being cheaper


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                  Hi, I have question on waterproofing. about 5 yrs ago I waterproofed my cover and bimini top for my 05 x10. and both the cover and Bimini disintegrated . i believe the cover was from the factory. I use star bright waterproofing. I cleaning it and applied. So today i have a newer 2014 x10 and the cover doesn't keep rain out. So i was reading this and trying to figure out how you know what covers you are able to waterproof and what ones you cannot? the cover i have now seems to be the same lightweight material. Again it seems to be from the factory.


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                    I used the Starbright on my swim platform cover and it works very well. Water was beading like a car that was just waxed. i think the material is sundura or something like that.


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                      303 Fabric Guard works well. Spray in on in the sun and it seems to last all year.