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1994 Prostar 205 prop replacement

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    A little info for those that might be curious. I have a 1993 prostar 205 carbed 351 ho 285 HP with 1:1. Couple years ago I bought a deal in two props from a member here. 13x13 4 blade cast and 13x11 3 blade CNC. My boat had the 13x13 3 blade original cast on it. All three props excellent shape, no dings, nicks, or flaws of any kind.

    First I tried the four blade, noticeable hole shot improvement with top speed about the same as the original three blade. If anything, 1 mph slower. 41-42 mph. Kinda hard to explain, but to me it's the smoothest pull of the three props. Almost feels electric.

    Lastly I tried the 13x11 CNC three blade. Best hole shot, but only by a little over the four blade. Best top end, 44-45 mph, but of course runs a little high in the rpms. Maybe around 4700-4800. This is the prop I left on my boat and currently use. I also had a powerslot prior to this boat and the 13x11 is the closest thing I have to make it feel like a powerslot. I also seem to have a touch better fuel economy and the engine seems to be in less strain than with any other prop I've tried.

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