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  • 08 VDIG support

    Alright I had a issue with my VDIG yesterday were my up bottom started work as a select button. I did fix this, appeared to be a shorted trace in the wiring board. Now in the future if I wanted to replace, I can only find VDIG for a twin engine, will those work for a single engine? Has anyone removed the vdig and replaced with something else?

    Thinking of making an external button board to bypass the vdig buttons all together.

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    Yeah the twin engine vdigs will work, but you will have to select either port or starboard engine, whatever it recognizes. Occasionally it will throw a code saying your “other” engine isn’t working, but other than that if it’s the last resort it won’t be bad.

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      Thanks Aric, good to know.

      Curious if I could bypass perfect pass going through that unit and put in a stand-alone perfect pass.

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        I have not seen them, but apparently you can/ could purchase the buttons alone. I think that is where the problem is. I bought a twin engine vdig and it would blow the fuse (3 amp) I don't know if it was a bad unit, or maybe those require a larger fuse. I ended up swapping buttons onto my old vdig and it works fine. Actually I have one issue sometimes if i turn the key on real slow the vdig remains off. Shut off and back on quickly/ normal and it comes on.... Finicky little things
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          I've got a 2009 CSX220 that the prior owner installed a twin engine VDIG some years ago. I've had the boat 3 years now and never had an issue or codes related to the lack of readings from the "other" engine.