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Props to Mikeg205, Waterlogged, JimN, and all of TT

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  • Props to Mikeg205, Waterlogged, JimN, and all of TT

    Just want to thank everyone for the invaluable information and generosity on this forum.
    I'm not a social media guy but it has really done something for my faith in humanity to find this community of people who have such passion and willingness to help each other out.
    Hope the rest of your summer is great.

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    I agree, everyone just helps each other out. No one gets into judging what boat you have, whether you surf, tube, boats or ski or anything else. Just enjoy boating! I also like the fact that there's is not a lot of boat bashing. Regardless of the boat, people want to enjoy time with family and friends.

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      Here Hear! There is a lot of great and knowledgeable peeps on the forum here, that unknown to them, have helped me on quite a number of things I needed to understand and fix, while I was getting my first Mastercraft lake worthy and ready for fun. And fun it is. Thank you to all the guys willing to take their to jump in here and answer our newbie questions.


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        +1 on this
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          Agreed. The people here are an amazing community, happy to help anyone who asks. Thanks, all!


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            Mike is the bomb. Can't argue this point.

            The reason I continually by Mastercraft is because of this forum and the people on it, as well as the good service that I get from my dealer. Several manufacturers make good boats, but it literally takes a village to keep them running well. I tend to like this particular village.