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2005 xstar mcx no spark, Again!

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  • 2005 xstar mcx no spark, Again!

    Hi folks,

    Been working through issues.

    Key switch failed, replaced.

    Fuel pump, low growl, replaced.

    No spark, replaced ICM, advanced auto parts. Started up a few times over a couple of days. Ran good.

    Now, no start, no spark. Ugh!

    What would make the ICM fail?

    No, it’s not the lanyard or throttle position switch.

    Coil? Relay?

    Could I have messed something up in the key switch?

    IGN circuit breaker in. 50 amp - can’t find.

    Fuel pump does it’s 2 second run.

    HELP please
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    check all your grounds and check for corrosion on wires
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      Another fact, after attempts to start, with key in off position, I hear a clicking sound in the ICM area. Relay?


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        2005 mcx spark update

        Come on guys, help me out here.

        A couple of updates:
        Tried another new ICM.
        Do have 12 volts at the coil plug on one of the ports.
        New router and cap.
        Cleaned batteries and terminal wires.
        Wire brushed ground to engine.
        Cleaned up roter post.

        Still no start and no spark.

        Thanks for any help.


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          If you are getting 12VDC at the coil but no spark, I would definitely try replacing the coil


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            what does this mean?

            Do have 12 volts at the coil plug on one of the ports.

            can't you crank the engine while holding on to the end of the coil wire before it goes into the distributor. It won;t hurt much or just see if it arcs.

            you need to see if you get spark OUT from the coil


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              Do yourself a favor and permanently jump out the safety lanyard wires with a wirenut. Next get a fuel gauge from harbor freight for 20 bucks and verify fuel pressure. Always keep the gauge on the boat too.


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                Wire brushed the ground wires to the engine. Cleaned all the batteries posts and terminals.


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                  Replaced the coil. Still no spark.


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                    I mean, there is a bright light when I test on the plug that goes to the coil, 4 wire, on the purple wires male prong. I did try pulling the coil wire to the distributor cap and put a spark plug in it and grounded that. No spark.


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                      I know this is y’alls go to problem, but I don’t think so. When the lanyard is pulled, there s no whirring of gauges and no fuel pump activation. And just to cover the bases, when the shift is out of neutral, there is no cranking of starter motor.


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                        Try disconnecting the trans temp switch see if it will start

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                          I have tested my pick up coil that feeds the ICM. VERY HIGH RESISTANCE. So, I have a new one ready. What do you guys use to get rid of the retaining clip. Cut it with a dremel? Try to pry it with a screw driver?


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                            Pry it off... you did pull dizzy out corrrect?

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                              Solved the no spark issue! After swapping out the spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, ignition control module, coil, I finally came to the issue - failed pick up coil.

                              Do yourself a favor, while you have the ICM disconnected, get your ohm meter and measure between each of the wires on the pick up coil and the plate, should have infinite resistance. Then measure between the two wires on the pick up coil, should have between 500 and 1500 ohms. I had infinite, so broken wire. Distributor has to come out to replace.

                              Looking forward to getting her on the water.

                              Thanks for y’alls help.