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  • NXT Tower Upgrade

    I’m looking at purchasing a 2016 NXT22 and although I like the approx $20k price difference for used vs. new I’m not crazy about the original towers that Mastercraft put on the NXT’s in 2016 and 2017. Wondering if anyone has had any luck upgrading to a different tower, possibly the ZFT2, which I believe is what they are using on the current NXT models. I tried calling a local dealer to get their thoughts but they weren’t helpful.

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    From my dealer "you can not put a zft2 tower" on a old nxt boat the gel location for placement isnt thick enough per them. I'm going to ask again on Monday because of how much towing I do its causing issues with my boot and bimini where they are having to replace them after two seasons

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      Interesting, thanks for sharing. I would like to see a 2016 next to a 2018 to see the difference. Please let me know if you hear anything different when you talk to your dealer. My dealer admittedly didn’t know if it could be done or not but really discouraged me pursuing this option. I figured that was because I have been previously discussing buying a new NXT from them and they would rather sell me a new boat.


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        Interesting to hear about the towing. We do minimal towing at low speed, but I could see how that could become frustrating for sure. If this helps, our tower has been rock solid, incredibly sturdy and zero issues so far.
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