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    I'm looking to add ballast pumps into a 2003 Maristar 210. I've already got 4 bags and use 2 tsunami pumps to fill them. Looking to add Jabsco King Ballast 960's and will be doing the work myself. Wondering if anybody has done this on a similar boat and where you put fill and vent holes. Maybe even pictures of something around same era that was stock? When it's all done it has to look good. I apologize if this has already been covered.

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    I ballast the same way and want to add pumps also over winter.


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      Same here but don’t want to spend a “boat load”

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        I'm fully expecting to pay a boat load. My father has been the only owner of this boat and we're not about to spend the money on a new boat. The boat looks almost brand new and has under 400 hours, I'd rather put the money into something that I know where it's been its whole life than spend 6 figures.


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          I only have one picture, but on my 230, the ballast pumps are mounted on the transom in the engine bay.

          There were three areas on the transom that were built up- each one is about 5"x5". This photo was taken from the passenger side- that black thing in the foreground is the muffler. Port side pump mounted behind the muffler, KGB pump mounted on the transom about 8 inches to the left of this one, starboard pump mounted on the other side of the engine. Ballast empties on the sides of the boat towards the stern. I can take a photo later today when I get home.



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            On my 2001 Maristar 210 I installed rear locker bags, ski locker bag, and integrated bow sack.
            on my boat there was a panel in th emiddle of the floor that worked perfectly for the ski locker pump and thru hull. I had the ski locker bag overflow into the bow sack. I vented the bow bag out the starboard side bow area.
            Each rear bag had it's own intake, and vented out the same side of the boat.
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              How long did it take everybody for install?


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                I did a full ballast install on a 2007 200 VRS; different boat, same concept?



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                  Do you have any more pictures? Would love to see the whole setup