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  • X-10 questions

    Im considering buying an older (05) X-10 as a surf/wake boat. How's the performance on this hull with a 350MCX? top speed? Barefoot ability at all or too slow? Holeshot with zero ballast? Surf wake with stock ballast + additional etc? Boat will mainly be used for surf sets & general cruising, keeping my prostar for serious skiing.

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    I have the 310hp TB X10 and think its a good all around boat. The early X10s used the same hull as the maristar. MC slapped a tower, ballast tanks and some graphics and called it a "wake board edition" so the hull is general purpose built. Top speed is low to mid 40s depending on the crew and gear. Its not a rough water boat but can handle afternoon lake chop well. We only surf and wake board. I have all stock ballast besides the rear starboard I replaced hard tank with 450 sack. With all ballast full and a suck gate the wave is good to surf. I have no problem going rope less and the wave gives good push. With more ballast the wave would be better.


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      I ended up buying the 05 X10. Looking for recommendations on a wake shaper. Additional ballast etc. Tank buster by wakemakers or can the stock tanks be piggy backed with bags?


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        Can you please share your exact ballast / weight setup and suck gates?


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          I would do the tank buster over piggy back system. One bag would be faster to fill/empty vs a tank and a bag and with the piggy back system you would have additional hoses running in the compartments. One large bag would be a cleaner set up.

          I have made my own suck gate and have bought an inland curl and both worked good but were hard to get the suction cups to stick and stay on because of the curvature towards the transom. I bought the swell slim but haven't had a chance to use it. The swell will be able to stick lower and further back then the other two I have used. Hopefully I will try the swell this weekend.

          I surf the goofy side so i have a 400lb bag in rear starboard compartment and the stock hard tank (think thats 250lb) in rear port compartment and a 300lb bag in the ski locker. suck gate is on port side as low and back as possible.


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            I have pictures of the suckgate i made and where i place it the above thread. The only issue i have with the gate falling off is sliding off the back over time. I just hook and old ski rope to the tower and it stops the sliding off.

            Not sure on your ballast question. I still throw pumps over the side even though my plans have been to install real pumps the last few years.