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  • Taking on Water

    1999 Maristar 210: A few weeks ago, I got tow rope caught in the prop. I managed to slowly drive back to the marina and load onto the trailer. Took about an hour to cut the rope out as it was melted around the prop shaft. Ever since then, It's been taking on a lot of water. The bilge pump runs constantly. Any thoughts as to what it might be? Thanks.

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    You probably damaged your rope seal?


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      Are you referring to the packing gland rope seal?


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        Yes I am


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          Thanks. I'm not exactly sure how I access this area? From the engine compartment?


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            Sorry I have not been very helpful working from my smart phone.

            First, run your boat and try to find where the water is coming from. It may not have anything to do with the rope incident.

            Second, what does your hull look like after this incident. Take a bunch of pictures and post them here. Focus on where the shaft enters the hull and other areas on the outside of your boat.


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              Thanks. I'll do that soon.


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                Water warm or cold? If warm it isn't your rope seal!

                V-Drive shaft seals are always a bugger to access just try to follow your drive shaft back from the transmission and wherever it ends is the shaft seal.

                How to get there depends on the boat, sometimes you can sort of pull the interior and worm yourself in from the side. Some boats we'd pull the shaft out then use a long extension with a wobble to pull the hose clamps.

                Universally you'll want to replace with a dripless shaft seal.

                Other boats its just easier to lift the engine complete!


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                  The prop shaft seal is under the front of the engine. Best way to access is rear port compartment with flashlight. If it has the prop shaft stuffing system like in the picture it will have a small water drip every few seconds by design but if its has a continuous stream of water then it needs to be replaced. Mine had a continuous stream of water flowing when the boat had about 250 hrs so I had it replaced with the dripless system. Have someone drive the boat and you watch the shaft seal.
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