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Ilmor 5.7 starts, revs, then dies

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    What year and model was this, I am having similar issue with 2019 nxt with 5.7? Do you have a picture of the black box?


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      Originally posted by kyfooter View Post
      Can a low battery send a boat into limp mode?

      I searched the forum and it appears that has been the culprit on a few threads. Wouldn't seem so to me, as once the engine is running the alternator takes over, but figured I would ask.

      I did leave the battery in the boat during offseason and I have not charged it. However, the engine is firing right up.
      A bad battery can cause a lot of problems. Have it load tested.


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        Originally posted by kyfooter View Post
        Solution - Relay fuse on back of engine was bad. Posting in case others run into this issue. Very easy fix. Pull the black box cover off the engine near the distributor cap and there are 5 relay fuses within.
        More details? A buddy is doing the same thing? Which of the five is it? Pictures?


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          Any codes?

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            Inside the cover are the markings for each fuse and relay

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              When did you put the fuel stabilizer in? Did you run it for a bit and did you get it mixed up really good in your fuel? Also best practice is to fill your tank all the way with gas, condensation can and will build up putting more water in your fuel than a stabilizer can protect from.

              Even if your engine starts I would still test battery. How old is it. Also its best practice to top it off a couple times over the winter when its disconnected from the boat to extend the battery's life. Even if the battery is no bad a weak older one can cause issues.