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    I'm looking at ordering a boat for 2020 season with the focus on surfing. Is the X22 and or X24 going to be the two primary boats in MC's line up that are focused primary on surfing? I'm thinking the size of the 22' and price are a better fit for me over the 24'. also is there a certain percentage off MSRP that you would consider being a "good deal" that I should be working towards? Feel free to PM me with any info.


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    MC doesnt make a bad but surf boat, but the X22, & 24 will be surf specific boats, as opposed to their crossover line up.
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      I would consider the XStar as well. Surfs the same as the X24 with the added benefit of the best wakeboard wake in the lineup.


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        X22 if you want 22 footer, Xstar if you want 23 footer, X24 if you want a 24 footer. Each has an amazing surf wave that are very similar and I wouldn't hesitate on any of them.

        Each have a little different seating/storage - as far as flip up seats, loungers etc. but in the grand scheme of things not that much different. Just depends on how much boat you want.

        because of the flip up seats and loungers I think the X24 is the most comfortable - and a boat that I love just to hang out on.

        2020 is a great model year, as my number 1 complaint would be the inconsistency of the surf tabs in 2018/19 which has been resolved in 2020.
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          Are all three of these boats...X22, Xstar and X24 running same gear box and size prop?


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            Yes they are 2:1 trans with the 6.2 and 7.4. Stock prop is 18x16. I’m not sure of the stock prop with the 7.4

            The x22 is an incredible boat. It handles like a xt21/x10. The wave is great with stock ballast. I keep 800 lbs of lead on the boat which makes it phenomenal. The wakeboard wake is awesome as well.


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              I think 20% off MSRP is a good deal. Anyone else able to get much more off?


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                Originally posted by ccjackson View Post
                I think 20% off MSRP is a good deal. Anyone else able to get much more off?
                We were at 25% off but it was a demo boat.

                I’m assuming everyone calculates % off before tax title etc. etc.