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2009 Mastercraft x55 props

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  • 2009 Mastercraft x55 props

    Currently running stock prop 14.75 x 15.5 and when WOT 5600rpm at 40mph. Has anyone tried higher pitches on this boat. I'd like to see it running in the 4000's at WOT. Currently requires 4000rpm to cruise 30mph and 3000 at 20mph

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    Your desire is incorrect, WOT should essentially redline your engine, otherwise you’re going to have a problem getting out of the hole because your pitch is too high


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      If this is for the boat in your profile, the specified WOT range for the 2009 Indmar 6.2 is 4600-5200 RPM. Not being within this range can not only affect performance, but damage the motor as well. Sounds like your boat is under propped at the moment, and could use a higher pitch. Folks on this forum often recommend either calling Eric at OJ Props or Jim Thielin at ACME with your engine model and WOT to get the optimal recommendation for your boat and use of the boat (surf, wake, cruise). Don't rely on online recommendations without talking to an expert about your intended uses, ballast, elevation, etc.

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      2009 Indmar Manual -

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        I'm guessing he has the LY6 engine, since that's what my 2009 X55 has. Mine also has the same prop


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          Ok...then 5200 to 5600