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    On the 2019 models (we have an XStar) with the most recent software update we are having issues with the gas gauge. Is there a way to disable the prompt asking if I added fuel? If I enter the amount it sets the gauge accordingly to what I entered. I would think that it would take what we added into account with what the fuel sensor is reading and give a more accurate reading. However, either my sensor is not working or the latest update disables the fuel level sensor.

    Between many of us in our family filling the boat on a regular basis there are times when the gallon amount is not entered or it is not entered accurately. For example, a few weeks ago, the gauge said there was 20% left in the tank. We began filling up and at gallon 12 gas spewed out and it was full.

    Is there a way to turn the prompt off? I do not find it useful and is also annoying to have to answer that question every time we turn the boat on.

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    Turn off fuel management in the settings then the boat will use the fuel level sensor. The level sensor should be calibrated such that 0% on the gauge is about 1/4 or 1/3 tank remaining so you don’t overheat the fuel pump.

    With fuel management turned on it will try to calculate the amount of gas remaining instead of using the sensor. 0% remaining on the gauge with fuel management is more like 50% gas left in the tank. You can also hit “full” or something like that when you fill it full, rather than typing in the number of gallons added
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