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Compare the X22, X24, XSTAR, G23. Which is the best boat to buy for a surfing family?

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    Originally posted by gwozhog View Post
    2019 25ft Malibu LSV or M235 will surf better than all of the above
    Sorry, no. Nothing against the 25LSV or 235, they are great surf boats. But no, not better than a new X series.


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      Originally posted by swatguy View Post
      Here we go with another keyboard warrior ,,,,,,he’s not asking which 2006-2012 era boat for 50k is the best . MC’s current line is on par surf wise with anyone . Maybe if you actually knew the details about boats and their performance you could contribute something constructive. Please elaborate on what info I posted that wasn’t correct . A lot of educated buyers would choose boats based off actual wake performance, not based on blind faith and fanboy status. Sorry your butthurt that your X15 gets out performed in several categories by other MFG’s , but it’s fact not fiction . Feel free to elaborate with your extensive knowledge of the different mfg’s and their characteristics to prove my statements false .

      As far as the ops choice here. Moosehead pretty much nailed it. It really boils down to if you want it towable , or is it gonna sit static. The wakes are pretty close and super customizable once you decide on the tow aspect , pick whichever one has the best features you like and don’t look back. The big difference with these new models is there is no more sacrificing wakeboard wake attributes for surf wake attributes, All the models do both extremely well and the differences are very subtle .
      My x15 does what I want/expect it to do, thanks though. You have no clue what my experiences are with other models and manufacturers, nor do I of you. When someone comes onto an MC forum and asks for general buying advice and people shoot off standard responses that MC inferior solely based off surf wave, it's annoying. Obviously they are here because they are leaning towards MC, every other manufacturer has their own forum, along with the unbiased options available on the web. Previous OP was looking for an all around boat and overall buying advice, based on the major purchasing criteria for 90% of owners, MC is on par with others in any era over the last 25 yrs.

      As far as this thread goes, it's right up your ally actually. Someone specifically asking for advice on which model based off of the primary criteria being a big tunable surf wave with everything else really being minor. It's apparent you have good knowledge in that department for many models over a large time frame. When presented correctly like moose did above and as I've seen you do before, it's exactly what the OP is looking for. It's also easier in a thread like this when quality isn't much of a concern since we are talking about a brand new boat and all manufacturers have stepped their game up and there isn't such a gap (if any) between the big 3 and the rest of the field.

      As for my contribution to this thread, I've spent time on each of the models you list ( I know shocker right). While it might not have been extensive time on each I have to say they are all great in their own regard. I don't think you'd be disappointed in the wave from any of these boats, really the only area's on any of these that get questionable responses are the G's surf wave and the wakeboard wave of the 24. I don't know if you'll find anyone that doesn't rave about the stars performance, especially if you are looking for a wakeboard wake that can be tuned for any level of rider. I'd have to think that if I was in the OP's situation and about to spend this amount of money I'd want to spend some time in each boat, at a minimum I'd suggest going through each at your dealer. With storage and a sun pad for laying out being possible requirements I'd think that just by doing a walk through in the showroom you're going to find a model of preference. I really don't think that any of these options are going to disappoint once on the water, as no $120k+ boat should.


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        Everybody gets pissed and testy when it is time to put the boat up. By April, even I will feel like my NXT can surf with the best of them the first time I go out.


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          Ill give my perspective as someone who recently switched from a 2016 G23 to a 2019 XStar. bought the XStar in June and have put 120 hours on it since then so will give you my thoughts.
          We buy these boats for performance but fit and finish is important as well when you are paying this kind of coin for a boat.

          Surfing Performance
          Hands down the X series over the G. The wave really is that much better. Not that the G23 is bad, but MC has the surf wave dialed in on these boats. The waves are long, big with tons of push all the way back. The G23 is much shorter and steeper with a much smaller sweet spot. My son competitively rides (wakeboard) and is out daily with both pros and soon to be pros and all have said that the XStar is the best wave they have surfed and feel it is the closest wave to an ocean wave.

          Wakeboard Performance
          I don’t wakeboard but through my son and his friends I would give the edge to the G23. It has taken some time to get the wake dialed in. All of the riders say it’s has a a very long transition and takes some time to get used to. Some find it lacks the rampy lip but have improved that with additional weight and proper placement. Off the dealer the lot, the G23 is ready to go and is more consistent in wave shape to other competition wakes like Supra etc. only a slight edge to Nautique.

          Both are top of the line at pulling tubes. I call this one a tie!

          Fit and Finish
          I like the lines of the XStar. Runner up is the G23, followed by the The X22/24. This is all personal preference so take it with a grain of salt.

          There is nothing in the interior of the G23 that I disliked. Nautique does everything right inside. However, MC choices of vinyl are significantly better than Nautique.

          Here are the things I personally think MC needs to improve on.

          Integrate the captain’s chair into the fiberglass lines of the lounge lockers. The captains chair pedestal looks like it is from a 1980’s runabout. Every other big name integrates the seat . It looks clean and it allows the seat to slide forward/backward.

          Transom Walk Though
          I am a grown man having to swing like a monkey every time I get into the boat. We have sap problems with cypress trees here and shouldn’t have to put a towel on the vinyl constantly just to get in. Nautique gives you a bow and transom step. The time has come in my opinion to create a proper walk though.

          Sea Strainer
          Worst location I have ever seen in any boat. G23 conveniently located with no risk of having the skin of your arm burned off or dropping wrenches down into the hull.

          Floor Hatches
          The four circles in the floor of the boat look odd and dated. The cheap plastic latches that wear out over time are not what should be put on a boat with this price tag. Nautique integrates all of their hatches with the lines of their boat and are large hatch doors with stainless latches. I didn’t like them on my X10 and thought that by now they would engineer them away.

          While I appreciate that the MC Bimini can fold back for easy storage, the Bimini itself with the stainless tube supports and straps that are constantly flapping in the wind look cheap and dated to me. Nautique does a great job of integrating the Bimini (no straps) The down angle towards the bow provides better shade than the MC Bimini.

          Audio Volume Control with a turn dial. I miss this from the G23. The ease of adjusting audio volume is awesome on the G. Malibu has this as well. These are floating juke boxes and audio control is important. The auto volume control with throttle needs improving by MC. It is not smooth or accurate. I hate having to tap the volume button constantly.

          Klipsh audio is just inferior compared to JL. Nothing more to add here.

          I liked having the fresh air exhaust on the G23. Not sure of the factual data, but made me feel better.

          Seadek - Many say there is way to much sea dek in Nautique but I will take wet sea dek in the compartments over wet carpet any day of the week.

          Just my opinions. However, going back to performance, the X Series surf waves are far superior and the wakeboard wave takes a bit of getting used to. Both MC waves are far more customizable than the G. In fact, when I made changes to the NSS and NCRS I could never see a difference.

          Good luck with your purchase, you can’t go wrong with any of them.
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            Thanks! That is a great perspective.


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              Thanks Moose...


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                Hard to argue with a lot of what has been posted recently.

                I moved from a 2014 X30 to a 2018 X-star this spring. I also considered a G23 and Supra SL.

                The G is a well thought out boat. There are tons of little things that really make it functional, lots of those little things I wish I had on my MC for sure...but I can also say the reverse of that, and pick out a lot of different features from different brands and say "I wish my boat had that"

                While those little features are nice, and add up to a great package, the surf wave just wasn't on par with other newer boats. Pretty much all we do is surf (80%) and wakeboard (20%), we don't do anything else, we don't just hang out on the boat - so the surf wave was a high priority for us.

                If I was more serious about wakeboarding, I probably would have given the G a little more consideration, but the incredible wakeboard wake just didn't outweigh the "okay" surf wave for us. Honestly the surf wave didn't even feel like much of an upgrade over my X30 with 3,300 pounds of ballast.

                The Supra SL was a nice boat, again, lots of little things I like, and although I was very disappointed with the surf wave on our test drive, it did have good volume, so maybe it has some potential. Wakeboard wake was fine, but didn't blow my mind. Once I got in and started driving the boat and using the features, I just didn't feel it anymore. I didn't like driving it, and since that is where I spend most of my time, I just couldn't do it. There was also some unfinished fiberglass underneath where they drilled a hole in the stringer - that just turned me off too.

                I left that test drive thinking I would just keep my X30.

                But then, I got to ride the Xstar. Honestly the wave was just incredible. It wasn't the longest, it wasn't the tallest, but the combination of length/height of the Star wave -I had never seen before. But the most impressive part is the amount of power it has, not just in the sweet spot, but way back in the curl. On the other boats, by the time you drop back to the curl, I felt like I had to work to keep from losing the wave...but the Xstar had this surge of power that throws you back in. I was pretty sold at that point, but then I got to wakeboard it - biggest wakeboard wake I have ever ridden. It had a long transition and less lip, which takes some getting used to, so I can see that it is not for everyone... but the landings were so forgiving, I pulled out some off balance landings that I know I would have crashed on before - and for me, not being a great wakeboarder and getting old -it was just perfect. After that, there is no way that I could go back to my X30. I now wakeboard the Xstar at the same speed as my X30, but about 7 feet longer rope length. Even at that, I don't feel like I am working hard at all to clear the wake, which has allowed me to stay more balanced in the air and I have landed several new tricks this summer thanks to the extra time in the air and forgiving landing pad.

                Since then I have surfed the X24 a lot too. The waves are very comparable, with maybe a slight edge going to the X24 because it is a little longer. For that, in my opinion, you do sacrifice some wakeboarding wake performance... the X24 can be very nice, but it doesn't clean up as easy as the Star (which is super easy), does not stay as clean at low speeds, and overall I don't think it is as large...but I have only wakeboarded the X24 a couple times.

                I have not been behind an X22 yet, but it should be in the same ballpark as the other two boats. It really is just about picking what length and layout you want.... Unless, you are concerned at all about lower speed/intermediate wakeboarding - then I would give the slight performance edge to the Star.
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                  Old thread but good information. Does a anybody have a comparison with the new G Hull design on the 2021/Paragons in therms of surfing wave? I know both boats are top notch in terms of craftsmanship and they both have their pluses and minuses. I am mostly comparing the new G23 to an X22.

                  Thank you in advance!


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                    I have not but from what I have heard, expect to add about 500lbs of lead to the G23, and this is because they have lowered the amount of stock ballast.


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                      Originally posted by ryan_kc13 View Post
                      I have not but from what I have heard, expect to add about 500lbs of lead to the G23, and this is because they have lowered the amount of stock ballast.
                      Most owners of new G are actually adding 800-1200lbs..... and that’s just get it up to a “good wave” and up to the level of a stock paragon.

                      I have been behind a paragon. It was a nice wave but still not quite on par with X22 or XStar. Interior on the paragon was phenomenal, but I suppose it should be for $100k more than a X22.


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                        Originally posted by cbreck0318 View Post
                        Lol. How do you spell troll........I think it starts with a g and ends with a g
                        With as dead as this forum has been this year your lucky to even have a troll lurking around still


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                          Definitely an odd decision by Nautique to lower the amount of stock ballast, but it is one way to get people to splurge for the Paragon.


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                            I still can’t believe for the life of me people are buying paragons

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                              I own a 2020 X22 and my neighbor owns a 2021 G23. The wave on X22 blows it away in terms of push and shape. That being said a lot of my small friends and family like the g wave but not in the same league. I am 250 and in order to surf behind G we need to push it up to 9 and it loses some of it's shape. This is with 700 pounds of lead, maybe if he adds 500 more. The X22 pushes me with stock ballast and if you add 500 it is insane.

                              I like a lot of features with the G, like the helm but if you want the best wave go X22.


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                                Originally posted by MC25 View Post
                                I still can’t believe for the life of me people are buying paragons
                                There's a large group of people who feel the same about denali and platinum trim trucks. It's all a matter of anything is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.