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    I have a 2000 X Star and with the family and friends all picking different activities I'm split with how to store everything. I currently have 1 kneeboard, 2 wakebaords, 2 water skis, and 1 wake surf. I'm currently storing my two skis under the seat cushions in the cabin (slightly poking through into under the sun deak), the kneeboard under the sundeak, and the wakesurf and wakeboards on the two tower racks I have. I am thinking of getting water ski tower racks and a kneeboard tower rack. However, I don't want to feel like the boat starts to feel too crazy and I'd rather not spend the money on racks (I also don't know how well they work). I just am struggling with space right now for life vests and other things when i have fat sacks and everything on my boat. I am thinking of just unloading and loading the boards we need at the moment. However that sometimes isn't the best situation becuase we can't pull our boat to a dock at a lake house just because we don't have one. This makes this situation hard as we don't return to the dock during long days/ period of times. I was just wondering if the racks are a good investment or if I should just load and unload.

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    Buy racks and put on the tower. Hands down best investment for storage.

    Or take less toys.


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      If you want to maximize ballast on a 205V X-Star, things are going to have to be on racks or underneath the cabin seats only if you don't want them on the floor. Nothing can be in the rear lockers or underneath the bow seats. You decide whether the cost of racks is worth the time of not needing to go back and forth and thus increased play time.


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        Spend the money and get the racks. I see them on eBay for 100 bucks