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Impeller replacement for Johnson Ballast Pump 2019 XStar

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  • Impeller replacement for Johnson Ballast Pump 2019 XStar

    Have a 2019 XStar with 250 hours on it. Noticing it taking a little longer to fill a few of the tanks and some draining a bit on their own. Likely need to change the impellers and considering doing it myself since I don't have a trailer and dockside service charge is likely more than the cost of the impellers.

    Trying to figure out what is the impeller replacement part number is for the Johnson 10-24939-01. I don't see the model number pump in their catalog.

    Anyone have any insight?

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    It’s a relatively new pump, and I believe it’s made specifically for MC. It’s a lot bigger than any of the impeller pumps listed in that catalog. Biggest one in there is a 15gpm pump, and the XStar pumps move about 30gpm each.

    Probably going to have to get them from a dealer. I believe they may be covered by warranty.....


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      yeah, I tried to source them last year with no luck. Had to go through MC, and luckily they really were not all that bad for price.

      Make sure you close off the thru-hull valves before you start if you do it in the water.

      Also, the front pumps are a bear to get at (at least on my 2018) with just enough clearance between the bottom of the floor and top of the pump to clear the impeller, which makes it really hard to get the impeller in and out, as well as the fact that you are doing it one handed and blind through the port in the floor...good times. A ratcheting wrench helps out (gearwrench).
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        do you have fastfill pumps?


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          I emailed Johnson and they provided the following information
          Good morning,
          The impeller used in the 10-24939-01 pump is part number 09-849P-2.