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    1999 MasterCraft Prostar 205
    Still trying to slalom a few times per year but nothing spectacular (about 32 mph, a few cuts across what I hope to be the smallest wake possible).
    Also starting to surf more with an 800lb bag (probably only 80% full) in the back and a 400lb bag on the side. Use a wake shaper (Mission Delta).

    When living in Colorado, was recommended to get a prop for elevation (8500'), an ACME 1609
    (13x11.5", 0.60 cup 3 blade). Now living in TN and this was running > 5000 rpm at full throttle. This prop is now damaged
    Original prop from MI was OJ 402 (12.5x12", .090 cup 4 blade).

    Any recommendation on what to use (i.e. should I replace the 3 blade)? I don't think I need top speed with full ballast as I can empty bags if needing to go fast across lake.

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    OJ 316 or Acme 541 (13x12") are both good starting points. If you're surfing a slightly lower pitch would be nice. I have an Acme 543 (13 x 11.5'"), but I run at altitude and need a slightly lower pitch. My personal opinion is that lighter boats like our 205's don't benefit from a four blade prop, but heavier surf boats do.


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      Thanks for the input. My concern about my 13x11.5 was the high RPM at full throttle (5000+) after I moved from high to low altitude. I was able to surf with it, though....


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        It's always going to be a compromise, so you have to choose which compromise you're willing to make. The only way you don't compromise is to have two different props with you and swap them out as necessary.